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12/1/2005 11:01 pm

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plans awry

two whole days off with nothing to do at my sister's house where the bed is actually large enough for two people

ok, so the other day a former lover contacted me and said he wanted to hook up again. haven't heard from him since

spoke to a guy i've hooked up with once and made some suggestions which seemed to be received well but then he wandered off to work and blocked out the rest of the world.

ok, i can deal with being ignored when no concrete plans are made.

but when i talk to a guy who makes it his own suggestion to drive from wilmington to raleigh to take me to lunch, names a restaurant and a time.... i can handle him calling to reschedule it for the evening and asking if he can crash here since it would be late by the time he gets here because of a getting a job interview .. that sounds like pretty concrete plans to me... and i even told him that that would be good but i had to leave for work friday at 2 pm and would that be worth the drive to him... to which he said yes, that would be worth the drive.

ok, who can guess what happened?

yeah, i hadn't heard from him by 7:30 so i went to run some errands and sent him a text message telling him that trying to call me at the house wouldn't work since i was out.

i got back at 8:30 and found a voice mail left at 7:32 (like he called because he knew i wouldn't be there)

"yeah, i tried to call once and didn't get the voice mail so i took a nap. i was thinking about coming into town on friday instead"

there are three phones in that house and i was cleaning the house and working online in the kitchen all day so i was never more than 10 feet from a phone. if you don't get through once, call again maybe?

or maybe you just don't want to fucking talk to me?

so i sent him a text message back:

"friday i work. and i'm not available for the next couple of weeks. so don't bother. i seriously doubt we'll ever be able to get our schedules worked out"

yes, i was in fact pissed off (still am.) i am SO fucking sick of being that girl that guys blow off and think they can just call me up later and pretend it didn't happen. i respect myself more than that and i expect the same from other people.

rm_KicNass 50M

12/4/2005 3:22 pm

I hate to admit this but sometimes I am that guy. I don't make dates and break them but I do tell women I am going to call or see them online and then I don't follow through. We don't intend to let you down, but we are guys and we suck at following through like we should. I will try to do better in the future because I see how my actions could piss woman off and pissed off women are not likely to want to go out with me. I have been slack in the past but for the sake of all guys I will try harder starting today. Maybe I can kick off a movement of guys not taking women for granted. Good luck with your next date and maybe he will show up.

mtnviewfriend7 50M

12/5/2005 6:55 am

"friday i work. and i'm not available for the next couple of weeks. so don't bother. i seriously doubt we'll ever be able to get our schedules worked out"

Ouch! Think he got the message?

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