phone calls from work tonight  

catastrophegirl 40F
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8/7/2006 9:38 pm

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8/11/2006 12:49 am

phone calls from work tonight

caller: "this is [brand of hotel] in raleigh, right?"

me: "no, we are in durham. would you like the phone number for the one in raleigh?"

caller: "yes please"

me: "ok, that's area code ***"

caller: "uhuh"

me: "###"

caller: "uhuh"

me: "@@@@"

caller: "hang on, i don't have anything to write with"


caller: "i need to speak to john smith"

me: "i'm afraid he hasn't checked in yet. would you like to leave him a message?"

caller: "no. why hasn't he checked in yet?"


caller: "i need to speak to the front desk"

me: "may i ask in regards to what?"

caller: "i stayed there in june. there's an error with my bill"

me: "the front desk would not be able to help you with that. you would need to contact our accounting department. they will be available tomorrow morning at 8"

caller: "let me just tell you and you can see if you believe me or not and then you can can connect me to the front desk"

me: "ma'am, it's not that i don't believe you, because i know how often billing errors can occur. it's just that the accounting department are the only ones with access to anything other than same day bills. we don't have access to your account to make any corrections"

[she proceeded to tell me anyway. 5 minutes, me with three other lines ringing in my ear. three times i stopped her and told her that i cannot do anything about it. that she will have to speak to accounting to get a bill from june fixed]


TammyDHU 45F
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8/7/2006 9:55 pm

I, too, have one of those unfortunate jobs trying to talk the dumbest people on earth into one of my dumb surveys. Sometimes it is literally impossible. If we cannot get past the first question with a straight answer after three tries, I give up and "decline" the call.

Your post made me laugh. I need to start sharing some stories myself!!!


cum2getherNC 34M

8/10/2006 4:22 pm

People are stupid. I know a couple women that work at hotels, and they never told me about their hotel calls! the way, I would check into your hotel anyday!!

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