not a great way to start my new promotion...  

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1/31/2006 10:52 pm

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not a great way to start my new promotion...

someone lost the "concierge" sign on my new desk a few weeks ago. they put it "in a safe place" while a group was in house.
one little thing leads to a whole chain of issues

like walking in to work supposed to be starting at the concierge desk right away with my new laptop

and because the sign is missing a guest is parked at the desk using it as her personal workspace for 6 hours, two of which were while i was supposed to be there
then that led to the search for the sign to prevent a reccurence
which involved one of the bellmen taking apart all the stuff i did to organize my desk the last MONTH AND A HALF and piling it all over the floor
even after i told him to stop it because i already searched the whole area for the sign. i mean, i spent the last few weeks taking that desk/cabinet area apart from top to bottom to throw out really old outdated info and replace it with new. i think i would have noticed a shiny gold 12 inch by 3 inch sign.

i asked then told the bellman three times to get out of my chair beccause i was asssigned to work there and i had just been told by the GM to go to work there
and he wouldn't move. i had to play tattletale and get a manager. which i hate, but what was i going to do? bodily remove him? i could have but that doesn't make it the right thing to do.

the manager had to explain to him yet again that he is not allowed to sit in my chair. even if i'm not there. it sets a bad example and if he has time to sit down at the desk, then he has time to check the oil on the shuttle van or something.

and then i needed a new phone book. he said "i'll get one tomorrow from verizon" and i said "housekeeping has spare bellsouth ones and that's what we use here"
and he said "but i like verizon" and i said "but it's MY PHONE"

then while i was organizing papers.... he decided to polish the desk with old english oil. i'm trying to sort through maps and directions to various local businesses.. PAPER products..... the kind that soak up oil ...

they didn't get my computer today because the gm had a meeting. i feel so unloved. (hehe, riiight. they don't love me, they just need my mind)
so i had to go use the computer in the guest service office to print some stuff

and the operator said "get the phones, i'll be right back" and took off... and was gone over two hours

yeah, i had piles of stuff still to put away out at the desk where the bellman took it apart, and it looked terrible. but i couldn't finish the work that was assigned to me because i was stuck at the switchboard

actually she got back after an hour but sat at the other phone on a personal call and refused to answer the guest phone
and yes, the manager was sitting at her desk across the hall and saw this and didn't seem to care

at least it gave me plenty of time to research all the new restaurants at brier creek and update my listings. you didn't think i was JUST going to answer phones, did you? i am a compulsive multi tasker.

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