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8/12/2005 9:28 pm

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apparently my employers are trying to force me into the management slot. i'm seriously pissed about this.

well, they'll discover exactly how stubborn i can be.

they've switched the day shift assistant manager (the incompetent one) to nights since the day shift management needs can be fulfilled by his bosses.

he did it again tonight. one of my coworkers was checking someone in and he pulled the guy away from the front desk. since the guest was still counting money and making a decision, my coworker wasn't too concerned when the boss said "come here for a second, i just have this thing to tell you"

so my coworker walks to the back for a second. turns out the boss wanted to do a full review of my coworker. obviously, this was a problem. my coworker didn't know this in advance so he couldn't tell me to help the guest. i was checking someone else in and didn't know where he had gone.

i asked the guest if he was being helped and he said yes, since he also didn't know that this would be a half hour process.

the office door was closed, so we didn't know they were in there.

so after a few minutes of waiting and trying to find my coworker, i went ahead and helped the guest and checked him in.

after a half an hour my coworker came out of the office and told me what was going on.

i was already tense... this DID NOT HELP!

then a few minutes after that i got called into the office. i got lectured on not wearing my skirt and was told that i had to wear it every single day the next week. i told my boss that there was no way i could afford the pantyhose so he "was generous" and decided to let me get away with wearing my skirt once a week.

fuck that! i will find a way around this. there has got to be a way. i paid for the damn pants and he's the only one who has ever made any comments to me about not wearing my skirt. and i have worn it a couple of times. i just don't wear it during the week when it's busy because i'll end up having to do something that will rip my brand new pantyhose. but the idiot doesn't work weekends, so he doesn't see it. i swear i'm going to bring my camera some saturday and have my coworkers photgraph me and then print a copy and stick it on the bulletin board.

he also implied that my uniform is dirty because obviously if i wear my pants every day then i can't be sending them to the cleaners. i let that slide by. every time i send my uniform to the cleaners through the hotel it comes back neatly pressed... and dirty!

so i wash it myself at home. and press it. i can make sure it's clean that way. it is actually machine washable, i checked.

oh, and i can't leave out the lecture about my glasses being crooked. at which point i got justifiably offended and explained that my glasses are fine. my EARS are crooked. i actually had to prove it to him.

well... more to come.. but i'm pretty sure i know how to get him either fired or fed up and i don't have to do a thing. that's the best part! if i quit cleaning up his mistakes, his bosses will start to notice how incompetent he is.

keystonenc 43M
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8/13/2005 2:07 pm

Wow, I can't believe he called your co-worker in for a full performance review that took half-an-hour while they were in the middle of checking in a customer. At the very least your manager should have told them to come see him after they were done checking that person in. I always thought the customer came first in the hospitality industry.

keystonenc 43M
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8/14/2005 2:10 pm

I cannot say as I am surprised. He sounds like one of those managers who decides to have daily staff meetings until they figure out why the team is not as productive as it could be. He also probably can't figure out why his hotel is not as profitable as it could be while he is giving away suites at highly reduced rates. I have worked with my share of morons who got promoted to manager or supervisor because they were so inept at doing everything else within the workgroup so they get put in a position where they don't have to do any real work so they can't screw things up. The only problem is they assume they got put in that place because they knew what they were doing and always have to interject their two cents worth on how things should be done.

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8/22/2005 8:00 pm


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