internet changes - this could be bad  

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7/4/2006 5:05 am

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internet changes - this could be bad

i just came home to a letter rubber banded to my doorknob. it advises me that beginning thursday my internet provider will be using added security features for internet access. this is the internet access that the apartment complex keeps wanting me to pay for but which is an unsecured wireless signal.

apparently now i am going to have to log in through the capitol broadband home page each time i want to get online.

fortunately i just checked and my log in is still active and i even remembered my password after 2 years

but i hope that capitol broadband doesn't keep any record of whether users are paying for the service or not. i doubt they do. i think that is just the apartment management trying to squeeze more money out of the tenants. the letter doesn't say anything about needing a key to get in.

that would really piss me off and make me move in january when my lease is up

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