health and the long hot summer  

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6/17/2006 3:04 am

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health and the long hot summer

went to dinner at a friend's house last night, total people 3 including myself.

i had done some hard labor cleaning yesterday and a lot of in car time in the heat. plus some disturbing news about tech stuff when i got home from cleaning. so i wasn't in the best mood or physical condition when i arrived.

i was introducing two friends so it was nice that they hit it off well.

there was food and talking and then a few hours into the conversation there was my brain freaking out and knocking me for a loop. my right arm started spasming. ever been electrocuted? like that, only for a few minutes at a time repeatedly. [good thing i can type and drive with my left hand]

i'm very happy that my friend decided not to attend his fencing match today because i doubt i would be able to make it.

besides not being able to get my car tag renewed i just don't feel well at all. the nausea is back and the numbness of course, all from the heat as usual. but now i have the exciting new thing going on in my arm.

it's very frustrating and embarassing when this happens in front of people. unfortunately i don't control it. not the timing, not anything, of course. good thing my friends have experience with chronic illness and are very understanding.

but, time to get the cane out and start using it again. still, a few months of this heat and illness is better than 10 months of it in FL.

i want it to be october already. i like october here. 90% of each day in october is decent for me to be outside.

oh.. and the introductions are intended to potentially lead to group friends with benefits. yay.

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