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health and television

Nick at nite.. watching an old episode of full house from 1991 with annette funicello as a guest star.
It’s kind of odd to see where she was then. It was a couple of years before I met her. When I met her at disney’s doll and teddybear show she was in a wheelchair with an attendant. I don’t know how well she could get up and around because it was a long show with no seating, so a wheelchair makes sense.
but watching her performance on full house I could see her doing some of the same things I do every day. She never walked across open spaces. Her scenes were shot so she could walk along the edges and near furniture. She kept a hand out all the time, gesturing as she spoke her lines, but always keeping her hand just a few inches from something solid. The singing bit where she was doing a bit of a standing in place swaying dance… they shot from a distance with people’s heads blocking her up to waist level. I bet her feet never came off the floor.
In short, she moved like someone used to falling down

If you didn’t already know, annette funicello has multiple sclerosis. She’s been “recovering” in seclusion from brain surgery for it since 1999.
From 1991 when this episode was shot to 1994 when I met her, her health went waaay downhill.

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