freaky luck  

catastrophegirl 40F
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8/31/2005 10:57 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

freaky luck

apparently i'm due for some freak luck.
today while on my lunch break at work i found a 4.5 leaved clover. no, that's not a typo. if i hadn't misplaced my digital camera i'd include a pic. and as soon as i find it i will put one up.
most of the 4 and 5 leaved clovers in my collection have equal sized leaves.
this one has three equal sized leaves, a smaller 4th leaf and on the back of the 4th leaf is a weird conjoined mini leaf sort of folded up.

durhambottom 49M

9/1/2005 2:52 pm

You have a mutant clover!

wenchatheart 40F
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9/2/2005 5:42 am

I was at Pennsic (d'oh) - talking to a HOT guy, and all of a sudden - he leans over, picks something out of the ground and hands it to's a four leafed clover (not as cool as your 4.5) - but still - he just leaned over and plucked it out of the ground and then just gave it to - cute AND talented....

just wanted to share....

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