fetid peaches  

catastrophegirl 40F
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7/11/2006 7:47 pm
fetid peaches

people are crazy today.

seriously, fetid peaches! the things some people ask us to hold for them. three cases of fetid peaches.

the bellman taped the boxes shut earlier to keep people from trying to sneak them [employees.] now we wish he had taped all the vents on it shut too. as the day went on, and it got hotter.... they got even nastier smelling than i could have imagined


look, if you go into a place and there is one person working (me because everyone else fucking quit or is on vacation) and they are at one computer with a line of people.... do you REALLY think you will get helped any faster if you go stand at the other end and clear your throat a lot? NO!.... basically all the other people will just look at you funny.

get in line asshole!


it's not my fault that the central reservations idiot booked you at the wrong hotel. i KNOW it wasn't your assistant's fault because they do it all the time. it is the fault of the front desk at the hotel [same chain] they DID you book you at who pre checked you in and made it look like you were already there and wanted to charge you for not showing up when it was our fault. but don't get your husband on your cell phone and have him yell at me while i am trying to

a) unbook you at the other hotel so you don't get charged

b) book you one of the last two rooms here

c) match the rate you got from the cheaper hotel {our rate: $215. their rate $154}



the man came up to the desk and said "let's negotiate"

bonus points to my boss for saying "negotiate what? we're sold out and you got my last room. if you don't want it at that rate someone else will"

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