cat in a hat  

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5/17/2006 9:45 pm

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cat in a hat

Ok, just lets chat about the cat in the hat. A cat does not belong in a hat. The only thing that belongs in a hat is a knob. But if the cat and the knob are clean then a hat should only be used to prevent catknobs from popping out. If catknobs popped out then the hat malfunctioned so why wear a hat. Isn't it funny how a knob has so much trouble slipping into a hat and its usually the cat that puts the hat on the knob. Damn cat. Suppose if it wasn't for the cat there'd be catknobs running wild and knobs falling off and of course lets not forget about the cat getting smelly. Nothing worse than then seeing knob lying on the floor all withered up and dying and starting to become smelly like the cat except the cat lost its knob way back before time. Which in that case that would have made the cat actually a knob before it was a cat but the knob fell off because knob probably poked every hole, nook and cranny known to knob kind now making it a cat.So I praise the knob or the cat who invented the hat. Now that we have discussed the cat_in_a_hat and that the hat belongs to the knob and not the cat shall we talk about green eggs and ham i am i am.

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5/18/2006 12:32 pm

That's cute! Welcome to the blogs!

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