Physical or Mental?  

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12/15/2005 10:47 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Physical or Mental?

Is sex more mental than physical? Do guys enjoy the physical aspects (sucking, biting, her body, her vagina, etc.) more than women? Ladies, do you find you're more likely to climax when a guy talks to you, or shows you that you're doing it right? For women, is it more of a mental orgasm than physical?

This whole discussion was prompted by a close friend of mine who said how she'd never came before being with me. She said that some of the few subtle differences were that I talked to her while we had sex, mostly "God, you feel so good." or "Just like that." Stupid (or what most males would consider stupid) little cues on how she was doing. She said it made quite a difference in how she interpretated her own sexual experience. She says that it made her cum knowing I was cumming, and knowing I was listening to her and she was getting feedback from me.

I began to wonder if woman enjoyed the mental foreplay of sex (Knowing they're pleasuring someone and the actual dialogue leading up to sex more than the actual sexual acts.) more than actual sex.

Disclaimer: I apologize if this seems senseless and random. Its almost 2pm my time and I'm exhausted, frustrated and horny. So, obviously, my mind is else where at the moment, but this was on my mind and I figured I should try to get it down before I forget it all.

swingherswaphim 40M/37F

12/15/2005 11:41 pm

Women 101.
If guys get off on the physical. The opposite is true of women. Being a woman (who's been with women) you couldnt be closer to the mark. The mental aspect of sex always comes fisrt. Once thats established (and yes guys, its easier than it sounds)the physical will not only blow her mind - but buckle up. It'll blow yours too. I personally cant cum unless I know without a doubt that I am pleasing my partner. Not just pleasing. And every little clue to that end turns me into a total sex kitten. It makes me preform and adapt to be the exact fantacy of whom ever I am with. As a result I hear rumors circulating all the time that I am the perfect lay. I know I am the girl alot of guys jack off to. And that is very satisfying. Sometimes I masterbate just thinking about the guys I know are masterbating to the thought of me. The same is true with most women. Some may take more effort. But its worth it. Try it - you'll never regret it....

casual12570 31M
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12/19/2005 10:34 pm

Thanks for the feedback. I'll take some of it into consideration next time I'm with a girl.

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