Oh the stuff that dreams are made of  

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11/15/2005 6:21 am

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Oh the stuff that dreams are made of

Oh the stuff that dreams are made of. this is a long one
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So in the very very early morning hours I fell into a deep though short sleep..
as I slept I was carried off to that wonderful place of dreams and fantasies..
this dream, boys and girls was amazing!!! WOOOOOF
now to try to tell it, without telling too much..ha ha!
In my dream I was asleep, I am awakened by sounds of birds and water and the air blowing through tree's. so even before I open my eyes I know " I'm not in Kansas anymore"
slowly cautiously I open them. Its still night time but the moon is full and the light so bright from it its like someone put a night light here....and where is here I wonder as I look around me?
Its a forest a jungle of sorts I hear the wildlife all around me but they seem to be out of sight. watching me from the shadows. I hear water a stream or brook or something is near and suddenly I want to bathe in it. As I stand for the first time I realize I am naked. Leaves in my hair fall to the ground I chuckle to myself and walk towards the sounds of the water. I walk a short while and find a lagoon..private and so lushly inviting I walk right into it. The water is warm almost hot and bubbley as if from some deep underground spring. I submerge myself delighting in this wonderful water. Suddenly I feel something just slightly graze my legs near my ankles...then again moving up towards my thighs wrapping itself around and between my thighs like a snake but warm oh so warm and caressing..
once more high up on my thighs and between my legs a soft moan escapes my lips. Surprised I think to head back towards the land but I feel it again around my stomach and up more as it gentley slides over my breast's just barely a whisper across my nipples but the sensation was so intense. I couldnt move though inside I knew I should I waited floating there bathing in this warm bubbley pool waiting for another touch. Ahhh there it was across my abdomen once again but this time almost insistant in its pressure and speed. Enough to shake me out of my fog and cause me to wade toward the shore. As I walk out of the water I notice every bead of it as it slides down my body to the ground and the steam from my body creates a mist aound me. Suddenly I feel eyes on me hungry wild animal eyes..
from everywhere...I can feel the breath of this ...animal, on my body I can hear it and hear its heart beating as well.. the rythmn of it is almost hypnotic.
cautiously but slowly I walk towards the trees. The feeling of being watched is growing stronger now. I place my bare back against the tree feeling its cool I shiver slightly. I slowly slide down to the base and sit leaned back against the tree for security. The rough cool bark feeling good against my skin. as I look ahead and all around, my heart begins to pound along with another heartbeat I am hearing. the other, the wild thing out there watching me , it's as if we are connected he and I.
my hands sliding along the grass find something? A peach.. A beautiful ripe juicy peach. I pick it up the fuzzy skin feeling good in my hand,something about it made me feel safe. I bite into it. It's perfect the juice spills off my lips and down my chin to my chest and still down, I hear a sound. I look up no longer concerned about the juice. in the moonlight I see this most magnificent creature. It looks to be a wolf, long, lean and full of pride. He glows in this nights moonlight, shines actually! His breath is hot coming out hard long and steady in bursts of steam into the night air. He is staring at me. Not really knowing what to do I extend my hand at first the empty one then ( oh a thought) the one with the half eaten peach..and I swear he smiled!
He begins to slowly slowly walk towards me beautiful blue eyes on me the whole time. he gets to my feet still out streched infront of me, he stops slowly he takes my whole being in.from my feet to my head and back I shiver. He raises his head and sniffs in as if breathing in my scent. He licks my leg one long lick up to almost my thigh. though I should have been petrified I was somehow so excited. Then he comes very close I can feel the heat coming from his body as his mouth draws near to my hand the one with the peach. again he sniffs it. then with his nose he knocks the peach from my hand and licks my palm. his tongue going inbetween each finger, Thank God for that peach I thought. suddenly his mouth is at mine he licks my lips and pulls his head back for just a second..yes yes I swear he is smiling..slightly but still smiling???
He begins to lick the trail of juice off my chin my neck my stomach and down until i have slid myself down to laying flat on the ground under the tree.partially afraid but yes very excited I close my eyes. The feel of his warm rough tongue on my still wet cool skin was driving me past any point of normalicy. just this..this feeling this wild natural primative amazing feeling was all that mattered to me now. I heard a moan but not so sure it was mine I open my eyes, the wolf became a man...This man same amazing clear blue eyes staring at me, and yes he was smiling the same smile
man, flesh blood skin bones heart and soul and I saw it all there before me bathed in love and beauty . Then he lowered himself back down onto his knees between my legs and just as before licked the juice from stomach and slowly ..soooo slowly down between my thighs this was so much more than I could take arching my back and hips to him silently begging him, take me taste me live me know me now!
Please now!!
Though now a man he was still an animal yet he knew enough ..to not let a lady beg...for long.
thank you thank you gods of dreams and sleep..this one I got to finish And though I wont say much more I will say this
Funny how even though it was a dream, I know it was!! I still awoke from it hot happy and still had peach dripping from me,... and from my fingers as I tasted on my lips and tongue..yes..peach juice, maybe lol...and happy very very happy
Good morning world...interesting huh?

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