Jeeze Doc.....I am so sorry but I have this dream  

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11/14/2005 7:16 am

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Jeeze Doc.....I am so sorry but I have this dream

Hey Doc,

Sorry about this last minute inconvenience but I had this dream the other night and its been sort of haunting me ever since. I know a lot of therapists say dreams are like hidden desires so since I have been so consumed with this one I thought I had better get your take on it. Oh yeah sorry about my clothes I had just gotten out of bed after not being able to sleep still from reliving this dream and just had to see you about it. So I just threw this on thank god its warn enough out this dress is as thin as paper probably should have put more on than just this and my heels…

OK so anyway this dream doc I’ll tell you then you tell me what you think ok?? Ok good

So its starts off that I am someone else someone much hotter than I am and fairly confidant that’s how I know its not anyway I am in a car with this guy he makes me abit nervous but I am liking it hmmm.... doc see now whats that about?? Ok right the dream

Right so anyway we are driving and we stop at this strip-club he takes me or her or whoever we’ll say me inside we go into a large room where there is a woman dancing totally naked on stage here, we stand in the back and watch. He leans into my neck and whispers in my ear. “ I’ll be right back” and disappears. He is back in just a few minutes and right as he wraps his arms around my waste my name is called over a loud speaker he grins and takes my hand leading me to the front door area. As we approach there is a tall blond woman standing there wearing a bustier panties and heels long bleached blond curly hair long legs thigh highs boob job..a good one though doc not those obnoxious one you see all the time you know..what oh yeah so anyway.. yes so she says hello tells me her name which for the life of me I still cant remember and walks me down the hall.. she smiles and asks if its just for me or do I want to sneak my friend in too? Figuring at this point that its more for him anyway I say yes and we all three go into this small room. One side is like a bed from wall to wall with a tape player on it, directly in front is a chair facing the bed and at the very back of the room is another chair. She places me in the chair near the bed and he sits in the chair that is slightly behind mine. She turns on the tape and begins to dance on the bed she is grabbing her own breasts and thighs and rolling around, and you know, Doc,.. seeing it in a movie is so different than seeing something like that live and in the flesh lol.. it gets you kind of hot or at least this person I am in this dream got hot. At one point she rolls back onto her back throws her legs apart and pulls her panties over showing me..well, everything!!!! Doc, everything.... if you know what I mean here and she sort of rubbed and smacked herself there. It was unexpected and so exciting too. My face went red, I could feel it but it felt good.. I think?? Anyway she did this twice and she gets up and grinds on my thigh a few times and runs her mouth across my shirt and bites on my breast through my shirt and even this being a dream I was surprised that I liked it so much but remember Doc it wasn't’t me. She is telling me I have great boobs I joke telling her it’s the bra Victoria's Secret you know .lol she asks if I am a dancer says I have a great body see doc not really me here. She mentions my perfume says hse thinks she has worn it but its a concoction of a few so I say no, I tell her its my first lap dance and with that she pulls my top up and in a second her lips are on my nipple by the time it has registered in my head my body is already reacting my head in back, eyes closed, back arched forward and she is sliding her hand across my jeans while she is sucking on my breast I am so hot I cant stand it. She tells the man I am with that he has one hot woman here see doc again not me and probably for the Then she takes my hands and places them on her breast’s at first I am surprised but then I get more into to the feeling of her skin in my hands I have always been shall we say somewhat tactile about myself and this was similar and so different at the same time. After the second time I started to get what men see in breasts they do feel that bad doc?? Ok right anyway so she takes my hands and runs then up her thighs and after awhile I realize I am doing this on my own it feels nice she dips her face down again to kiss my nipple and on her way back up her breast grazes my lips it sends a charge of heat right down my body..after a few more minutes the dance was over and I was about ready to burst So anyway, we leave he is holding my hand I am actually vibrating I am so charged up right now we walk to the car he asks me if I enjoyed myself he says he knew I did but wanted me to say.. I say quietly that I did very much we get into the car I am very surprised that this man knew me better than I knew myself or this person that I was in the dream because apparently even she..i mean ..I, never knew I’d enjoy something like that before. So we get onto the highway and after a few minutes he looks at me and smiles and says “ take off your pants” I am slightly surprised but pleased about this command also and so I ... I mean I mean I, do.. feet up on the dash I slide my very loose jeans down over my ass passed my thighs and off I am both nervous and excited and so hot I am ready to explode..he reaches over his fingers slipping between my thighs.. Doc hey doc whered you go you ok? I think you still have that bug Doc your all pale and red at the same time and so sweaty. Doc, I am so sorry God am I selfish or what you need to be resting and kicking this damn cold and all I can think about is me and my stupid dream and what it means I can live another few days with it until your better you need to go home take a hot shower get some soup and tea and get into bed and rest this out of you Doc..really you do.. I am so sorry God but I am so selfish!! See now I am mad at myself Damn Doc ..come on you need to go home

Sure sure I’ll call you tomorrow anyway I want to make sure your ok..for my own peace of mind..I am so sorry again Doc. Ok I will tomorrow ok as soon as your better.. no no need to write it down I wont forget it trust me Doc I wont forget this one.. does it what? Lol yes it gets even better or deeper or whatever you'd call it you’ll see. Now just go home here Doc put you arm around my waste I’ll walk you down to your sure your ok to drive oppsss sorry doc no bra its ok it was an accident and besides your so sick..ok get in go home I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Thanks Doc

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