I will wait!  

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11/15/2005 7:07 am

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I will wait!

I will wait!
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It's morning early morning as my eyes begin to open and my limbs begin to move.
Sliding wantonly across the cool soft sheets searching
fingertips grab the sheet and I let out a silent cry into the mattress.Nothing none just cool sheet wrinkles and your scent.
Gone again, again! How do you do it? Just take me then leave me like, like what, what don't you want more than me in the morning. Or in the middle darkest parts of the night is that when you regain your strength to leave me once again.
your like a force of nature. as night comes you roll in all soft and soothing sexy saying all the right sonnets of love and lust into my ears breathing your spell on my neck my back my thighs until, yes...my whole body unfolds for you and says yes take me taste me fill me ...I give!
sensing your reward you crawl upward to the temple..and oh yes there you do worship and pray and give thanks to me your true religion. your now overcome, roles reversed, you under my spell. Even with eyes closed I can hear you, smell me in, feel your hands tracing my body slowly as if being satisfied by just this touch but knowing all the while you need more. You say it over and over under your breath don't you know I hear you.
For hours we are one hearts minds bodies melting blending bleeding into one and other. nothing else exists no sound no people no world just you and I here. Sometimes as you kneel before me praying your prayers deep into me. I steal just a second to hope that this time you'll stay. That I'll awaken after being being drugged to sleep by your passion and find you stayed..
and some day lover you'll know the truth
It takes more of a man to stay than it does to run...
but for now I guess there is still the night ..every night you come on your knees to worship
I wait like your goddess, I wait, watching, and always, take you in.
you'll learn.

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