I need you, I'm sick...  

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11/14/2005 7:19 am

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I need you, I'm sick...

Its early 6:20 in the morning its cold out too a chilly 52 degrees. I had a dream of you and I, running falling into the tall grass kissing laughing breath heavy and fast from the activity and the excitement. Hearts both pound together as we fall to the earth. your weight crushes me slightly but in a comforting and wanting way. I grab your shoulders and pull you to me so tightly my arms are sore from the effort. You body just covering mine is causing me to get very hot. A very thin film of sweat is coming to the surface of my skin all rosey and flushed. My heart I want you so badly right now my heart is beating so strongly throughout my whole body. I feel each pulse from my head all the way down to my toes and every delicious place in between. The heat my breathing coming harder every second. my whole body now aching for your touch i arch upward towards your body craving you needing you. I awaken..sheets stuck to my feverish body I swallow throat dry sore raw..I open my eyes stretch my achy body and cry....oh no I realize fully awake now that i am sick..... I am sick and i need you!

i need you and i'm sick...... i just need YOU!

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