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Hello Doc

Doc Doc so glad your better I was getting worried
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­Hey Good Morning Doc

Well I must say Doc your looking much better today. I'm so glad too, after our last session I was feeling just awful you just started looking so weak and pale and sweaty. I almost followed you home I was so worried about you. I didn't though I didn't want you to think I was some sort of freak.ha ha
OK so are we ready? Yeah OK I think I'd like to lay on the couch today... It feels so official this way he he he..
OK so let me think... oh oh yeah right thanks Doc, what a great memory you have.
OK So I am in the passenger seat feet up on the dashboard jeans in a pile on the floor. I have already told you I don't usually wear ..um... well anything underneath when I wear jeans right?? So then you get the whole picture right? OK good. SO right he reaches over with his right hand sliding his fingers between my thighs searching for my most private secret hot wet passionate part. Like radar he finds my button. suddenly I see nothing just colors white yellow red blue purple orange flames of white hot heat in my head and raging across my whole body. Just by his fingers stroking and exploring me then I was completely overcome by any rational thought actually by any though at all except for how amazing I was feeling at that moment. This seemed to go on forever but then well Doc I'm gonna tell you all of this but remember its just dream and not really me, but i feel like for you to truly help me i have to tell you everything. Sorry Doc I think i was just getting embarrassed because the next part and really the whole rest of the dream gets pretty wild by my standards..so I wanted to just for-warn you Doc..ha ha ha
OK so With his very talented finger play going on I, I mean..she, no I am getting so worked up I sit up get on my knees facing him so that my bare ass is up against the passenger window i am leaning over his lap my fingers working furiously on his jeans I have this wild hungry urge to taste him now on my lips and tongue sliding down my throat so finally I release him and he is there. so just so you get the picture doc he is driving with his left hand his right arm is between my breast which are still covered by my baby girl tank and down between my legs I am on my knees ass up in the air my face in his lap as he drives. He has great control by the way Doc do you think that has relevance in this dream at all? Oh OK right we'll get back to all the points like that later... So anyway we are driving for quite awhile when his driving begins to change sharp turns left and right but neither one of us is stopping I am not even bothering to look up too happy in where I am at to care. Then suddenly a very bumpy road for a few minutes and we come to a stop.without missing a beat i am devouring him so hungry for his taste his feel in my mouth hearing his response just turning me on even more. Feeling him touching me so deep so perfectly right. Now at this moment he lifts me up taking my face in his hands and kisses me I love his kisses his tongue dancing around inside my mouth and hot and hard and soft and probing and searching and teasing I can feel myself reacting even further to this kiss as his fingers are still busy at work but now he slides his seat all the way back and reclines it to the backseat and lifts me up placing me on top of him in one slow excruciatingly erotic move he slides inside of...Doc your getting sweaty again did you come back to work too soon? well yes it is hot today..OK OK right but you let me know if you need me to stop.At the same time that he is filling me he is removing my tank and bra so that i am totally naked on top of him now feeling him moving inside of me. This goes on until I have felt this amazing rush all heat and shivers and colors in my minds eye just exploding. Such low deep guttural sounds are coming from me as I am grabbing at his flesh pulling him to me wanting to get as close and together as deep as possible..as i burst he is looking into my eyes as if searching asking something..my whole body is answering him..yessssssssssssss yesssssssssssssssss yesssssssssssssss about now he stops picking me up off of him and placing me in my seat he begins to explore me with his mouth lips tongue teeth on my skin soft flesh deeper folds driving my again to that point breathing nearly impossible now..everything and nothing matters just this my universe my world contained here in this small hot wet alive area he is conquering so well. I lay back exhausted almost limp as I watch him open his door and climb out of the car. For the first time I notice the windows are all fogged up it must have gotten quite cool outside. He leans his head in the door smiling and says put your heels on and get out of the car...Heat floods my whole body as I think of this. Oh shit Doc sorry I got so caught up in the explanation I hadn't thought of you...you don't look so good Doc..see i knew it was still too soon for you to come back to the office and that you came back just for me...Damn it Doc.
That's it Doc not another word my dream isn't that important your going home right now..no no arguments I am going to personally take you home you look so weak there is no way I'll let you drive..what Doc why that look of panic..I promise not to attack you or anything Doc your safe with me really I am just concerned.. come on lets go we can continue this anytime for some reason I cant the dream out of my head so no worries of forgetting Doc really ..come on we are outta here, I want to personally put you into your bed and tuck you in I feel so responsible for this relapse.
I am going to make sure that you feel better soon this is all my fault Doc. so no more talk of my dream until your completely better lets go...lean on me I'll get the light..
see damn Doc your shaking. lets get you home.
we'll come back to the rest later.

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