Does heaven have an ear  

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Does heaven have an ear

Does heaven have an ear an eye a Heart
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I raise my face upwards to the sky and cry out. Love send me my love. Listen to my heart hear my voice sing out my desire. A single tear drop falls from the sky onto my face. God's of lust and love is this a sign an answer of a sort? Is this pity or heart break for my needing and lonely soul. Look down on me oh Gods and give of your magic to my life. Bend your majestic heads and hear my plea's I am one in need of being two of being whole, for a part so much more than important even more than just nessesary has been missing for too long in my life. Open your hearts drop from your hand my love to me. As the trembling legs of a lover would part part this curtain of pain that holds my love from me. Be less a master and more the loving parent bringing gifts of happiness to the hearbroken child. It is Love that is needed love being the water making this delicate flower grow. I am standing in this abyss with a vision stronger than it could ever have been. Far across on the distant bank is love my home my happiness, I stand shackled for someones pleasure yet seeing my fire still burning so far away I pull and jerk at my bindings until there is blood my blood from my heart out my flesh to a pool around my feet. I watch as a stream ever so faint trickles to the shore mingles in the water and across where I can see loves hand scoop my blood my love my heart in his hands and carry it out.In my heart my head I can hear~ fear not love the heaven has an ear and has heard an eye and has seen and heart and does feel our love so great. now in return for the greatest gift they ask from us this one thing.. hardest to give when the vision is so close.....Patience.~

heal your wounds calm your spirit see me just over here holdng your heart wrapped in so much love in my arms and know that very soon you will be set apon the same ground as I together entwined to sleep to wake to live and love together as one as it should be.

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