interacial love  

cas110 55M/54F
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6/22/2006 12:44 am
interacial love

I must say that for the last 20 or so years of my 45 y/o life, I have found and experienced what most white boys only talk about with their boys. I know, cause Im white boy.First generation born right here in N.Y.C. I was ignorant, as most teens are . We know it all! Well, I was fortunate because I was hit on by a woman color. Needless to say, I didnt know then,what I know now. No regrets , however, because I was blessed again. I was fucking when I was 13 . Had alot ofthose Catholic school girls show me their white asses and little pink nipples.I paid attention, and focused on their sweet forms,and its agood thing I did,I was gonna need all my skills real soon. Now Im aworking man, mixing and mingling with all races. I always wondered what ,if any difference there was between white and black honeys. I always desired a black lady,and then I got my wish. Across the bar, with Her peeps and me on the other side with my crew of muts, she walked up to me and started rapping with me .That night we were in the mix. We kept our little fuck fests going for about 4 years. I learned alot about black women. But to cut to the chase, no female, black or white works me like my current lady. We,ve been together now for almost ten years. What this hot nubian bitch has done to my hard white dick is criminal.

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