The power of teasing (part 2)  

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5/9/2006 5:25 am

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The power of teasing (part 2)

We drove to the nearest liquor store and bought some champagne and then found the nearest motel. When we got there, I decided I would practice what I learned and see if I could give as good of a strip tease and lap dance as the strippers. I sat Slicky down on the end of the bed and found some music on the cheap alarm clock. I then sat on his lap as we drank a glass of champagne and made out. When a good song started on the radio, I got up and began to slide the straps of my dress down my shoulders. I held my dress up just enough to cover my nipples and I pressed my cleavage against Slicky’s face. He naturally reached out to grab them when I scolded him and instructed him to sit on his hands. As much as I wanted him to touch me, I knew I couldn’t tease him long if he was getting me off. I let my dress fall to my hips and then I ran my nipple around his face and across his lips. I felt the wetness of his tongue as I moved it past. Mmmm, I think I was teasing myself as much as Slicky. I then slowly hiked up my dress and turned around showing off the bottom of my butt. I bent over and arched my back so that my pussy would be clearly visible to Slicky. This was about the time when Slicky was pleading for me to stop teasing and just fuck him. I let my dress fall off and I straddled him. He was still fully clothed. I pressed my pussy down onto the big bulge in his pants and ground my pussy back and forth along his cock. I have absolutely no idea how a stripper could have done this without getting turned on. As I continued to grind, I took off Slicky’s shirt. I pulled him close and gave him a big wet kiss. I then kissed his neck and worked my way down his chest, stopping to lick and suck on each nipple. I was a bit surprised to see how hard his nipples got. After lingering on his nipples for a while, I stepped back and pulled off his pants. I then turned my back towards him and pressed my ass against his chest. I slid it up and down his chest and belly while reaching down to play with his throbbing package. I ground some more as I leaned back putting my head on his shoulder and remembered to whisper. I whispered that I wanted to suck that hard cock of his. I could tell this was working. I then slid down with my hair sliding down his chest and belly. When I slid to the floor I turned around and pulled off his boxers to reveal his full erection. I then very slowly rubbed his thighs and gently kissed his legs as I worked my way up. I pushed his legs far apart and I licked my way up to his balls. I then spent considerable time licking under and around his balls before sucking one gently into my mouth. I also poked a finger around his ass. I kissed all around his raging hard on without touching it. At this point he was begging for me to get him off and was squirming and groaning. I then slowly and deliberately gave a big lick along the underside of his cock from his balls to the tip getting it good and wet. I then blew on it causing him to squirm some more. Next I flicked my tongue back and forth side to side as I worked my way up to the tip. Slicky moved his hands to my head, I knew he was growing impatient for me to take his pulsing cock into my mouth. When I got to the tip I just started to slowly flicker my tongue over and in his cock hole. He let out a load groan and shoved my head down. When the tip of his cock hit the back of my mouth I felt a hot stream of cum shoot into my mouth. I gulped it down and then loosened my throat to take him all the way in. I almost gagged as he was still blowing his load right down my throat. When I felt him stop, I gently squeezed his balls and sucked real hard as I pulled my mouth back off him. I looked up at him and he laughed as he must have started to cum before I got my mouth on him as I had cum all over my face.

I went to the bathroom to get cleaned and freshened up hoping that Slicky would go down on me. I was dripping in anticipation. When I came out of the bathroom, Slicky had poured some more champagne, we drank it up and then Slicky grabbed me and laid me on my back. Now that he had gotten his rocks off, he was not in any rush and much to my dismay he apparently decided he was going to tease me. By now I just wanted to cum and I really wasn’t interested in waiting. But …. I had teased him to the point of torture so turn about is fair play. He got on top of me and I could feel his still hard cock rubbing on my clit as he kissed me. We made out for awhile and I was trying to grab his cock in my pussy, but he kept moving it away. He then started kissing down my neck, where he lingered for a bit before moving to my chest. He kissed and licked all around my boobs without touching my nipples. By now he had them aching to be fondled. He proceeded to blow on them and then he pulled a small feather out from somewhere and brushed it over them. He had gotten them so sensitive I could feel every little part of that feather. When he finally did gently lick my nipples I thought I was going to cum.

He licked and sucked my nipples as he squeezed and massaged my breasts. I was trying without success to grind on his belly. If he hadn’t been laying on me I would have been furiously masturbating. Then just when I thought he was getting up to go down on me, he took a sip of champagne and then sucked in my nipple with the champagne still in his mouth. The feeling of the bubbles on my nipple sent shudders down my spine. Feeling like I was going to cum, I wrapped my legs tight around him and squeezed as I groaned loudly. Sensing he had led me to the brink, he let up swallowed the champagne and proceeded to tease my other nipple by kissing and licking all around it until I relaxed my legs and settled back down. He then took another sip and treated that nipple to the same sensation. I wanted to demand that he fuck me, but I was so enjoying his creativity.

Finally, he started licking his way down my belly. I lifted my legs to rotate my pussy up and tried to push his head down, but he resisted and licked my belly button. I was now begging for him to lick my pussy. When I gave up he started to move down. But he quickly moved past my pussy and moved down to commence to licking behind one of my knees. I begged him again and he only switched legs. My whole body was shaking. With his body now out of the way I quickly moved hand to my anxious pussy. But he saw it coming and grabbed my hand. I told him he was torturing me but when he asked if I was loving it I had to admit that I was. He ever so slowly worked his way up my inner thighs. I was wriggling all over and was moaning and groaning quite loudly. When he finally reached my crotch I had to squeeze my tits to keep my hands from reaching down. Of course that did not ease my anticipation any.

He took his time teasing and tormenting me as he carefully licked all around my pussy without touching it. I could feel his breath across my engorged clit. I could feel my juices flowing down and over my ass. I couldn’t take it much longer. He then pulled out the feather and gently touched my clit. This sent my pussy into convulsions. I had trouble breathing and was gasping for air. Slicky slid that feather all around my clit, which had me bucking uncontrollably. He stopped for a second, took a sip of champagne and then sucked my clit far into his mouth. He should have had a good grip on me because this sent me over the edge. The bubbles felt so incredible on me, that I came instantly. My hips bounced all over causing all the champagne in Slicky’s mouth to spray out. I squirted all over his face as multiple orgasms rocked through my body, and it took several minutes before the orgasms subsided. I know I was screaming and wondered how many people in the motel heard me. Slicky slid up next to me and I held him tight barely moving for about twenty minutes, when I tried to move I realized our skin was sticking together from the champagne. We realized we needed a shower, so we peeled ourselves apart and headed for the bathroom.

I felt like I had just decended back to Earth and now my pussy was craving a good stuffing as it had yet to be penetrated. We scrubbed each other down paying particular attention to each other’s most sensitive regions. Mine in particular was in great need of cleaning as the champagne Slicky spew all over it had my pussy all sticky. I was still overly sensitive to his touch and felt very turned on again. Once I was clean I lathered up Slicky’s cock, which was rapidly growing in my hands. We kissed and caressed each other and when Slicky reached a full erection I whispered that I wanted him there and now. He grabbed below my ass and lifted me up against the shower wall. I wrapped my legs tightly around him. I could feel him move the tip of his cock to the opening of my pussy. He let me slide down slowly onto his very hard cock. It felt so good to have him in me. We fucked for quite some time like this and then changed positions a couple of times before settling on doggie style. We both came again in the shower. When we got out it was after 5 in the morning! We crashed hard and fucked once more when we woke up in the afternoon. Wow, what a great end to the weekend.

carpetmunchkin 36F

6/5/2006 6:50 am

    Quoting rm_Spicy481:
    I enjoy reading about all your sexcapades!! So Hot!!!
    Keep on sharing!! Especially about Slicky!!
Spicy, glad you like reading my blog. Your kind words are encouragement for me to keep sharing. As you know this does take time to write. As for Slicky, I'm not sure when we will hook up again as my girlfriend Anna has me rather occupied. Perhaps you should take him for a ride yourself so we can ready about it in your blog next.

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