The power of teasing (part 1)  

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The power of teasing (part 1)

Having successfully avoided the Humpmaster the previous weekend, I had to arrange something quick to avoid him Saturday night (last Saturday). I had stopped by my parent’s house in the morning and used their computer to check in on AdultFriendFinder. I was lucky to find my pal Slickydick in a chat room so I asked him out. I had no plans, so I told him we could figure it out after he picked me up. We stopped by his house to have a drink and logged into AdultFriendFinder just to play around first under Slicky’s handle. I was amazed at how much harder it is for a guy on AdultFriendFinder. We are both standard members, but slicky can’t view any profiles, can’t readily send e-mail, and there must be twenty times more guys in the chat rooms than ladies. Using slicky’s handle I tried to flirt with some of the ladies, but couldn’t even get any response. Then I logged in as myself and showed slicky how easy it was for me to find a lady to cyber. In fact, I didn’t have to try as I was paged and propositioned right away.

As we discussed our options for what we would do that night, I mentioned to slicky that I always wanted to go to a strip club, but never had the opportunity. Slicky got turned on by the thought (I think he was turned on all day since I asked him out), so we jumped in the car and went to one of the local strip clubs. The place was packed. There was a raised oblong stage in the center of the bar with two brass poles at either end. Two very attractive women were on the stage dancing, one in a g-string and the other in lingerie. There were a number of women in various stage of dress amongst the crowd which appeared to be all men. Some were giving lap dances while others were sitting and talking. I could feel all the heads turning and staring at me as we walked to an empty table in the back. I guess it is not too common for women to come in and watch.

Once we ordered some drinks and got settled, I turned my attention to a real hottie on the stage. Damn was she sexy, not just in how she looked, but also in how she moved. Wow, now I could see why guys like going to these places. I was getting really turned on watching her gyrate her hips and crawl along the floor while arching her back. I was also surprised how the girls didn’t really dance so much as they just moved from one erotic pose to the next. Some did dance more than others. I must say I liked the music selection as it played well into the erotic atmosphere. I took some notes, as some of those songs would be good music to fuck to.

I was mesmerized by the hottie on the stage and had hardly noticed a cute girl with huge gazongas stepping up to our table. She looked at slicky and asked if he wanted a lap dance. He glanced at me a bit nervously not knowing if somehow he would offend me if he said yes. So I jumped at the chance and said “yes he would, and I would too.” She stepped up to slicky first and she stepped up and stood between his legs as he sat in front of her. She proceeded to push his face between her huge boobs. I thought she might have smothered him. She turned and bent over pushing her ass up against his chest and then slid it down to his lap where she bounced it up and down a couple of times before straightening up and then bending over again as she rubbed her pussy with her hand. By the time it was my turn I was getting rather excited. When she came over to me, I turned toward her and she reached down to move my legs apart. I started to oblige when a cool draft reminded me that I had no panties on under my relatively short dress. I pushed my knees together as I glanced around and saw many of the men staring. The stripper looked at me and said don’t be shy, but I wasn’t ready to flash the whole crowd. I told her of my predicament and she laughed. She correctly guessed that this was my first time at a strip club. Anyways, she still was able to do much of the same with me as she did with slicky, only she had to straddle my legs which gave me a better view. I made another rookie mistake when I ran my hands up the outside of her legs and was scolded and told that was not permitted. What kinda fun is that? On the other hand, these dances are a steal for a dollar a pop. I don’t think we turned down a single girl that approached us for a lap dance.

We downed several shooters from the girl who kept pushing them on us and I was starting to get a bit tipsy. One girl really got into giving me a lap dance and was grabbing my boobs. At one point she even reached under my dress and pinched my nipples. It didn’t seem fair that I couldn’t touch her. After she was done, some guy at a nearby table gave her five bucks to give me another lap dance. This time, she grabbed my hands and put them on her breasts. She proceeded to sit in my lap facing me with her legs spread wide on either side of me as ground on me and rubbed her boobs against mine. She then reached in my dress again and played with my nipples that were surely visibly poking through my dress. This drew a few catcalls. lol. She then had me stand up as she quickly dropped down low with her head at my crotch. Her hands ran up the back of my thighs and were up my dress and squeezing my ass before I had even realized what happened. At that point, I wasn’t sure if she had lifted my dress enough to moon the crowd, but Slicky said he couldn’t see anything. She then stood up and planted a big wet kiss on my lips. This sure got my juices flowing. I tried to get her and several other girls to give me a peek under their g-string, but to no avail. After the dance was over, I couldn’t help but notice the large bulge in Slicky’s pants. I scootched over closer to him and ran my hand up close to his cock.

Slicky then suggested maybe this place was too tame and that we should go to another. I was game. He told me we should slam some drinks as the next place did not serve alcohol. This seemed odd, but I soon found out why. The next club was much smaller, darker and sleezier. Also the girls were not as good looking, with one exception. We sat right at the edge of the stage and I quickly realized that they were totally nude when I turned to look at the stage and saw a girl spreading her pussy apart right before my eyes. I was a bit disappointed with how the girls looked for about the first fifteen minutes. It was then that this extremely hot girl strode out on the stage. My first thought was no way is this hottie going to show her pussy, but I was wrong and very happy that I was wrong! She was probably about 5 foot 6 with light brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, a very cute face, long thin legs, a very nice round firm butt, and big round titties with perfect nipples. When our eyes met, she strode right to me. She then sat down on the edge of the stage and spread her legs and put them over my shoulders. She used her legs to pull me in close. This all happened in what seemed like an instant. And there in front of me was a marvelous shaved pink little pussy opening right before my eyes! Wow, now I was really getting turned on. It was probably a good thing it happened so fast because she had moved on to Slicky about the time I realized what was going on, or else I would have followed my instincts and started to lick her.

She was so stunning, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Only once she was off the stage did I notice that I did not see any lap dances going on. I did see several of the dancers walking around and apparently asking to do a lap dance or otherwise just chatting with the customers. Just as I was about to ask Slicky if they did lap dances, I saw her out of the corner of my eye wearing a small silk robe. She was walking around the tables and stopped and said something to a guy and he got up and followed her back behind a curtain. I wasn’t sure if they guy maybe worked there or not. I asked Slicky and he said they don’t do lap dances like the last place, but instead do private dances in little rooms behind the curtains. Hmmmm, I now had a mission. I just had to get that hottie behind the curtain. She remained behind the curtain for quite awhile and then emerged with the guy only to go back behind the stage. Shortly thereafter, she was back on the stage. I told Slicky, I wanted a private dance with her. He said no problem as he threw a ten dollar bill on the stage. This got her attention and she came over and gave him an extra good show. She then moved over to me and was on her hands and knees with her back to me as she stuck her ass close and reached down and spread her sweet pussy in front of me. Mmmmm, I just had to have her.

When she finished dancing she came out from behind the stage and came right over to us. She asked Slicky if he wanted a private dance. I panicked for an instant thinking I might have to wait. But Slicky asked her if the two of us could go back at once. She said yes and I could barely hold back my excitement. By the time we reached the curtain, my nipples were about ready to burst through my dress. I was glad because I wanted her to see that I was turned on. The room inside was very small with a couch at one wall and a chair sitting in front of it. She sat us down on the couch and sat on the arm next to slicky as she explained the fees. I think it was $20 a song or $40 for three songs. I was very happy to hear Slicky ask for three songs. She then asked who is first and Slicky kindly said ladies first. I was smiling from ear to ear.

She began by dropping her robe, she was wearing a g-string. She moved so sexy and looked so seductive that I almost forgot Slicky was sitting next to me. She used the chair to support her as she straddled me and changed into various interesting positions. She slid her long body along mine. Her large breasts pressing against mine as she leaned in and whispered in such a soft seductive voice. Her whispering was soo hot. I will have to remember that for use with my lovers. She whispered that she did not get to dance for many other ladies and that she was very happy to be able to dance for me. She had me so worked up that I had totally forgotten about my lack of panties. At least until she pushed my legs so wide apart that my dress rode up and, well, there I was fully exposed. At this point I didn’t care. I saw her eyes glance down and fixate for a moment on my wet pussy. I felt so wet and warm I wondered if there was a puddle of my juices on the couch for her to see. She looked back up with a seductive look and when our eyes met I licked my lips. She didn’t respond immediately but turned and pushed her ass on my boobs and then slid it down my tummy. She threw her head back onto my shoulder and purred and called me a naughty girl. I just said “I showed you mine now you show me yours.” With this she stood up, put one leg on the arm of the couch next to me and pulled her g-string over to the side as she leaned toward me and spread her pussy open with her fingers. I was surprised and saddened to see that she was not wet, but I then again, she probably does this stuff so often that it doesn’t turn her on. She then covered it back up and stepped back as the first song was now over. It was then that I realized Slicky was sitting there. I had been totally lost with this girl.

Now it was Slicky’s turn, and I was jealous. She has so hot and so sexy. I just loved the way she moved and carried herself and her soft demeaner. I could tell Slicky loved it too as it looked as though is cock were going to rip right through his jeans. She saw it as well and ground her pussy hard on it. He was loving every minute of it. I made a note to myself to remember some of her moves so I could use them on Slicky later. I was so turned on as I watched her and Slicky. I then noticed her staring at me and then glancing down to my crotch. I noticed Slicky doing the same. I suddenly realized that my fingers were wet. I blushed as I suddenly realized that I must have been so turned on that I was unconsciously touching myself. I looked back to the stripper and she just gave me a seductive look and continued grinding on Slicky. It took a few minutes for the embarrassment to go away and it was right about then the second song ended. She then asked who gets the third. Since Slicky was paying for it I just looked at him. He asked her if she would take off her g-string for some more money and she said she would. Slicky then told her to dance for me.

She shifted over as she slowly pulled down her g-string. She stopped pulling it down once she had it just below her puffy mound. She then straddled my legs, which were now closed together. She slid her pussy along one of my legs from my knee right up to my hip. I could feel the heat of her pussy through her g-string. Mmmmm, she was so hot. I just wanted to reach out and start kissing her. She pressed one of her boobs against my exposed cleavage. It felt so good, it was as if I had never had skin to skin contact with another woman before. She ground on me a bit and ran her hands from my neck down the sides of my boobs and then under and between them. She then raised up, grabbed one of her tits and rubbed her nipple from my nose across my cheek and back around my mouth. I was just about to latch onto that puppy when she pulled it away and said uh uh uhhh as she wagged her finger at me and smiled. She then pressed her boobs to the sides of my face. I snuck in a few kisses in her cleavage. She stood up and removed her g-string the rest of the way. She then proceeded to strike various sexy poses showing off her glorious muff. I noticed Slicky leaning over for a better view so I pulled him in close. I let my hand fall into his lap. At least I could touch him. He was so damn hard. Just then the last song ended and hottie got herself dressed. I wanted to get her phone number, but she was busy collecting Slicky’s money as I continued to rub him. She and Slicky were talking as we exited the room and then she was gone. Slicky suggested we leave and at this point I was ready to go and do something with Slicky’s hard on.

Continued …

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