My wonderful weekend continued ...  

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4/4/2006 4:08 pm

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My wonderful weekend continued ...

My wonderful weekend continued when I arrived at my date’s apartment (let’s call her Anna to protect her privacy). Anna is a cute little 21 year old I picked up at a bar a couple weeks ago. As of this weekend, we had only had sex once and that was in the back of her car. So this time, I wanted to do it right. I had planned on arriving at her house at 6 pm so we could do our nails and chat before going out for dinner and dancing.

However, when I arrived at her door, I was so aroused by my first cyber sex that I planted a big kiss on her as soon as she opened it. The kiss was so hot that my pussy immediately resumed its flow. I just had to have her right then and there. I squeezed her ass tight as I let out a low moan. Sensing my passion Anna was quick to oblige. Within minutes we were on the floor naked, making out as we rubbed our pussies together. I was on top frantically pumping my swollen clit against hers and against her well trimmed pubic hair. Mmmm, I am getting wet just thinking about it. I lifted up a bit to increase the pressure on my clit. She grabbed my breasts and pinched my nipples. As she did so my pussy burst wide open drenching Anna’s pink little muff. We rolled about on the floor for what must have been hours, I came several times.

Needless to say, my original plans were out the door, but we were hungry despite the gobs of each other’s cum we had swallowed. Instead of going out to a nice restaurant we just ordered pizza. We cuddled and did each others nails and toenails as we waited. It is much better to do someone else’s nails and to have yours done when you are both naked. This of course led to more fondling. We were soon interrupted by the delivery boy’s knock on the door, and no we did not invite him in, although we answered the door with me just wearing a towel and Anna in a near see-through negligee. Had he been cute, we might have invited him in, but he was a rather goofy looking kid.

Once we ate and had two shots of raspberry vodka, we got our energy back up and decided to go dancing after all. I pulled on a short top that hung loose and comes down only a few inches past my boobs, and my tightest pair of lowriders that are black and ride so low that the top of my little strip of pubic hair shows if I don’t keep tugging them upward. But when I tug them up the inseam wedges in my pussy showing off quite a cameltoe. Oh well, I know they won’t be on for long. In fact, lately I seem to be spending more time without clothes than I do with them.

Anyway, I am getting longwinded again. I get turned on as I write these blogs, which causes me to use more detail, which in turn gets me more turned on … I think you get the picture. Back to Anna, she was looking as beautiful as ever with her long blond hair flowing down to her tight little ass. She had on a hot little mini with lace-fringed stockings and no panties. We both had on our highest of heels. We were ready to party.

When we arrived at the club we downed a couple of shots and sped to the dance floor. Oh Anna was sooo fucking hot. She dances so sexy I could not keep my hands off her. It was as if we were in a trance totally ignoring everyone around us as we made out and groped each other. My hand was stroking her pussy slowly and methodically. Mmmmm, it felt soo good. At one point, with Anna behind me and her hand down my pants with a finger in my pussy, I suddenly became aware of all the people watching. Fortunately, it was near closing time so everyone was quite smashed. But I took this as my que and quickly led Anna out of the club. As we had already did it in Anna’s car just a week ago, I decided to go to my parent’s house, which was nearby. I was house sitting while they were in Florida and it was just a short distance away.

We were both insatiable that night, but were disappointed to discover that in our haste we forgot to bring any toys and my mom certainly doesn’t have any. By about 4 in the morning my pussy was so eager to get stuffed, that we went to the kitchen to find ANYTHING that would satisfy. I was so bummed when I couldn’t find anything, not a cucumber, a banana, nothing. The best we could find was the handle of a spatula. This really didn’t do anything for me, but Anna came very hard when I pumped it in her ass.

By nine in the morning Anna had to leave for work. I crashed until about five and when I woke up my pussy was still craving something big and hard.

to be continued … (yes there is more and I have to take a break and give my pussy some attention as I am very wet now)

carpetmunchkin 36F

4/4/2006 6:24 pm

    Quoting Goldmember_24kt:
    Wouldn't I have loved to be a Fed X delivery guy ringing your doorbell that morning
I could have used you then, where were you goldmember?

eveready06 41M

4/6/2006 4:25 pm

I've got something big and hard that I'm sure would satisfy your cravings, it'd only be fair to thank you for sharing your fantastic adventures with us.

carpetmunchkin 36F

4/13/2006 2:19 pm

    Quoting eveready06:
    I've got something big and hard that I'm sure would satisfy your cravings, it'd only be fair to thank you for sharing your fantastic adventures with us.
I'm sure you do eveready. And I bet you fuck like a rabbit too (you keep going and going and ...). And thank you for reading my long posts.

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