My weekend - April 21 and 22  

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5/8/2006 8:32 am

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My weekend - April 21 and 22

All right, so I have gotten a little behind (in my blogging that is). Well also I got a little behind in reality (Anna’s tight little behind) as I will explain below.

Friday (two weeks ago), I had the best cybersex yet. Amancara and I did it in one of the larger chat rooms and then we had an awesome foursome with ImCummingonyou and Slickydick696. The boys took turns DP'ing us as we licked each other. Before I knew it, the entire afternoon had passed by.

After getting all wet and horny from a full afternoon of cybering, I was ready to pounce on my girlfriend Anna. The last time we were together, Anna said she wanted me to use my strap on in her. She had also said that she had never experienced anal sex. So this night I decided I would give her a treat. I blindfolded her, stripped her, and led her to the bed. I laid her down on her back and tied her hands to the headboard. I could tell she was getting very turned on, but seemed a bit anxious about being bound. I decided I should ease her into it so gently kissed her sexy red lips. I then moved my lips and tongue to her ears and neck before working my way to her nipples that were quite visibly demanding my attention. I gently licked and kissed her nipples until she started to squirm. I was straddling her legs such that she could not spread her legs and try to grind on me. When she pleaded for me to lick her pussy, I told her I would do it only when I was ready to. Her squirming and pleading was getting me rather hot. I slid my wet pussy along Anna’s smooth legs. I slowly worked my way down Anna’s nice flat tummy licking and kissing the whole way. As my tongue approached her hungry little pussy, she began to groan and say yes, as if I was ready to get her off. But not yet, I went right around and past her eager little muff, and licked all the way down her legs. When I got to her feet, I grabbed her feet and pulled her legs up over her head where I spread them and tied them to the headboard so that her ass and pussy were spread wide.

I was going to take my time, but once I saw her beautiful blossom open wide, I couldn’t resist it any longer. The moment I first licked it, Anna let out a loud moan. I could tell her pussy would explode very soon if I kept licking her yummy little clit. Not wanting her to get off quite yet, I licked my way to her tight puckered ass. I sank a finger into her soaking wet pussy to get it good and lubricated. I then slowly and gently worked it into her ass. Her ass resisted it at first. Her ass was so tight, most the pussy juice on my finger was squeezed off before it to in her ass. She let out a squeal when my finger was fully inserted. Once I pulled out my finger I realized I would need some KY, which I fortunately had in my bag of toys. After rubbing KY on my finger and her ass, I slid my finger back in. This time she started to relax and I was soon pumping my finger in and out. I licked her clit some more to keep her juices flowing.

When she started to squirm once again, I stopped used the opportunity to put on my strap on. This strap on has a fairly large hard rubber cock with straps that extend around my pussy without covering it. I then climbed between Anna and the headboard so as to straddle her face. I then made her lick and suck the rubber cock. As her tongue slid along the underside from the tip end, I let her continue on to my pussy. Mmmmm, her tongue felt so good. While she licked I turned my attention back to her pussy and ass. Once I got my finger sliding easily in and out of her bunghole, I slowly worked in a second finger. Anna winced a bit, but was soon eagerly accepting both my fingers. Anna was now groaning quite loudly, so I knew it was about time. I just wanted to change positions first. As I shifted around, Anna announced that she thought she had to go to the bathroom. I knew she probably did not have to go, as I too have felt that same sensation when getting my ass probed. But I untied her anyways and I led her to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, I realized that this may be a good place, right in front of the mirror. I definitely wanted to see Anna’s face when I first pushed into her virgin ass.

When she was ready to resume, I had her put her hands on the counter and arch her back. I slid the rubber cock back and forth against her clit, but did not penetrate her pussy as I wanted to see if I could get her to reach an orgasm from the anal penetration. When she was dripping wet and moaning, I lubed the rubber cock and her ass and pressed the tip gently against her ass. She had tightened a bit in anticipation, so I had to work my fingers in again until she was relaxed. I used the heated KY so that the coldness of the rubber cock would not tighter her back up. I also decided I would remove Anna’s blindfold so she could see me in the mirror.

I ran my hands down her lower back and grabbed ahold of her hips. I watched Anna’s face intently as I very gently pressed the rubber cock into her greasy asshole. I wish I had a video as Anna’s face twisted all up and she let out such a loud squeal that her neighbors must have heard. I stopped pushing as I wasn’t sure she wanted me to continue, but when I stopped she practically yelled at me to keep going. Deeper and deeper I pushed as she continued to shriek. The strap on weenie began to hurt as it pressed hard against my pubic bone due to the tightness of Anna’s ass. Anna’s shriek turned into a deep moan by the time I reached full penetration. I waited a minute to let her ass get used to it before slowly withdrawing. Anna’s ass was gripping the cock so hard as I pulled back, that the straps on the strap on dug into my waist and my ass. I had to push with my hands on her nice round butt to get the cock out the first time. The second time in and out was much like the first, but this time, Anna’s squeals of pain turned into squeals of sheer pleasure. Her ass began to loosen and soon I was able to push and pull with much less effort. This enabled me to move my hand down to her pussy that was now so wet it was dripping on the floor. While my own pussy was feeling neglected, I was becoming very turned on from pleasuring Anna so much. I could feel a drop of my own wetness run down my inner thigh.

In and out I pumped her for nearly ten minutes when her groans grew very loud and her knees began to buckle. I had to grab her by the hips and hold her up as I pushed deep inside her. With this she screamed and came so hard I could hear her pussy juice splatter on the floor. Anna shuddered and shook for a good couple of minutes before she came back down to earth. When I pulled the rubber cock out of Anna’s ass, she let out the loudest sloppiest fart and the KY splattered on my belly. We both began laughing so hard it hurt. Once we were able to stop laughing, Anna hugged me kissed me so passionately, that my pussy instantly heated up. She turned me around with my back to the counter and helped sit me on the counter. She had her tongue on me the minute I spread my legs. She licked me with so much vigor I was cumming in no time. Mmmmmmm, what a great night that was.

My Saturday night was a blast as I went out drinking and dancing with my friends. I did not hook up with anyone, but I did exchange numbers with a very cute brunette.

carpetmunchkin 36F

5/22/2006 6:37 am

I agree babe.

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