Most of all... I love to write...  

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7/7/2005 3:00 pm

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Most of all... I love to write...

It all started before either of them knew what was happening. There had been a strong sexual undercurrent to the flirting that evening between the two friends. Both of them knew that they were going to wind up having sex for the first time that night, even though it wasn’t spoken. The drive back to her place had been mostly silent, but it was charged with electricity. He kept glancing at her as he drove, feeling himself getting hard. She had been feeling that ache most of the evening… the one that demanded intense sex. Squirming in the seat, she could tell she was wet for him. As the ache intensified, she felt her nipples harden, tingling in that pain that felt so good. At her apartment, they both got out of the car and he followed her to the door. After unlocking the door, they both rushed in. He grabbed her arm, and swung her around to where she was facing him as he moved in towards her, leaned down, and kissed her.
Unable to resist the sensations flooding through her body, she returned his kisses with as much passion as she had inside of herself. He tugged at her shirt and she raised her arms so he could pull it off. Then she pulled his off and his hands went to her breasts, and he began squeezing them. She moaned in pleasure, then in disappointment as his hands slid around behind her back, then realized he only had stopped to take off her bra. His mouth trailed off downwards towards her breasts as she reached for his jeans. Unbuttoning the top one, she pulled as the rest of the buttons came undone. He wrapped his tongue around one of her nipples and began to suck on it gently while teasing the other one with his fingertips. She slid his jeans down over his hips and he moaned around her nipple as her hand found his rock hard cock, throbbing with need to be inside of her. She slid her thumb over the head, smearing the precum leaking over it. He gasped, but managed to pull her jeans and panties off, sliding them down her legs. As he stood back up, he trailed up the inside of her thigh. She shivered at the touch, even though her whole body felt like it was on fire. Instinctively she slightly parted her legs and was rewarded when she felt his hand sliding over her smooth shaven pussy. He moaned, “oh baby… you are so smooth…. So wet…” as he slipped a finger between her lips and began softly stroking her. She gasped at his touch, and felt her knees go weak as he slid it up inside of her. He gave it a few quick thrusts and withdrew his finger, leading her to the bedroom.
The bed was still unmade from the morning, and as soon as they were on it, their mouths met, as if they weren’t connected, they would die. He resumed his finger action as she moaned in gratification. He then used his thumb to massage her clit as he moved his finger in and out of her, inflaming her even further. She looked at him, questioning, “Now?”
Laughing at her obvious yet understandable desire to have him inside of her, he smiled as he said, “Not just yet, I want to taste you…” and kissed his way down over her stomach to her thighs. He teased her briefly, stroking her thighs as he kissed the insides of them, then touched the tip of his tongue to her lips. Her hips involuntarily jerked as he jabbed his tongue inside of her, kissing her pussy as he would have kissed her on the mouth. He pulled back and gazed at the most secret place of hers, as her legs parted to give him access. He felt a tug at his heart as he knew that until then, no man had ever kissed her there as he had. That was something she’d confided in him one night when they had had a few drinks and was a little less shy than normal. He noticed how her clit had swollen and was peeking out of the line of her, just begging for attention. Not one to disappoint, he lowered his head and started teasing it with his tongue. She gasped and squirmed, trying to get more of his tongue. He felt her hands on his head, clutching him to her pussy. He gently took them and placed them on her breasts, and returned to licking her clit. He slid his finger back into her, thrusting it in and out of her. Her moans just drove him to finger-fuck her harder. He briefly raised his head as he did that, and saw her toying with her nipples. Smiling, he returned his head to her pussy and sucked gently on her clit. Then while he was sucking it, he began flicking his tongue over it lightly. Never did he neglect the fingerfucking, adding even more pleasure to what he was doing to her. Her gasps were becoming more frequent and shorter, and her moans were longer. Wanting to give her the ultimate release, he fingerfucked her harder as he sucked on her clit a little harder. Her moans became high pitched and louder, and she gasped and moaned, “oh my god… I’m gonna cum…” and she did as his tongue rapidly flicked her clit while he fingerfucked her, and he felt the gush of her orgasmic juices on his mouth and running down his chin...

To be continued...

raptor880 39M

7/7/2005 6:03 pm

Its a good one.You have talant.I will return and watch it develop.

6sinsation9 53M

7/7/2005 8:38 pm

I love your writing, the detail makes it seem like I was there ...

... wish I was

By the way, regarding making love in the rain - with some nice, warm, tropical rain, I highly recommend it ...

rm_indophilist 36M

7/7/2005 10:52 pm

Great post!

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