sex and dr. pepper...  

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8/19/2006 5:20 am

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sex and dr. pepper...

...two things that carmel loves and can't get enough of!! so when i die, make sure that you bury me with a 1 or 2 liter of Dr. Pepper while i'm naked, so when i get to heaven i can explain to the Lord that i'm looking for the ice machine and where all the Dr. Pepper is hidden--once i get my drink in my hand, i will be straight for a few minutes!! then i'm off to find a lover...

anyways, i decided to give all my rabid fans (all three of you--LOL!!) a chance to get into my head and know what carmel listens to when she's in a "sexy" mood (lately that seems to be ALL THE TIME) here is a list of some (not all) of my favorite songs that I like to listen to...some you may know and others you won't, but that gives you an opportunity to either visit Rhapsody or Napster so you can listen to them and know in your heart (and cock) that carmel is somewhere listening (possibly even fucking) to these songs!! here goes:

**No Smoke Without A Fire--Bad Company
**Rainbow In The Rose--Winger
**I'll Do It--Pat Benatar
**Secret Prayer--Joe Satriani
**Getting Away With Murder--Papa Roach
**Tale Of A Man--Toto
**King Of The World--Toto
**Tell Me What You Want--Zebra
**A Girl Like You--Smithereens
**Tell Me Something--Indecent Obsession
**Let It Bang--X-ecutioners
**It's Goin' Down--Xecutioners (w/Mike Shinoda & Mr Hahn from Linkin Park)
**The End Of Heartache--Killswitch Engage
**Inside Information--Foreigner
**Big Bad Mama--Dru Hill feat. Foxy Brown
**Go Deep--Janet Jackson
**Loser--3 Doors Down
**Touch It--Mo'Nifah
**Gett Off--Prince
**Physical Thing--Blackstreet
**Monkey--George Michael
**Try Again--Aaliyah
**Lunch Or Dinner--Sunshine Anderson
**She's Tight--Cheap Trick
**House Full Of Bullets--Joe Satriani

WOW!! 27 songs!! that's close to a hour and a half of music to have sex to!! but then again, it may not be time i'll put the slow jam list out there for you--these are the FAST songs for when I wanna be "down and dirty"!! carmel's got music for ALL her sexual moods...

carmel62764 52F

8/23/2006 2:46 am

    Quoting GhettoBootyLovr:
    You and that damned Dr. Pepper. I think I'm in love, a black woman who listens to Joe Satriani AND Mo'Nifah.
hmmm, didn't think it was possible did you? And all this time you thought I was only about listening to Toto, didn't you? Carmel's so sneaky and full of surprises huh? I even caught my FUBU off guard!! LOL you can thank my ex Eric for the introduction to Satriani...if I listen to "Cryin'", it becomes my "sex act" between myself and him!! Ten years later the song still makes me have an orgasm...but that's a post for another time...

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