on the edge of insanity...  

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9/8/2006 9:45 pm

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9/10/2006 8:26 pm

on the edge of insanity...

it gets no worse than this--crappy week at work, lousy bf, bf gets robbed and takes it out on you, so called "lover" wants to play childish head games and jerk ya chain like he was walking his dog (provided his dog didn't BITE HIS FUCKING DICK OFF!! that works for me...lol), and mentally my head's going in circles...AND I'M FUCKING HORNY LIKE A BIG ASS DOG!!!!

try dealing with that kind of a load and see how far the fuckin' day takes you!! my mind is a cross between scrambled eggs and green jello right now--with fiery jalapeno peppers tossed in for a little "kick"...i need just to be licked and sucked--just make me forget everything and everyone...that right now would be good!!

oh DAMN!! i just realized--in order for me to do that, i need to trust someone to get close enough to me in order to even plan such an activity!!

DAMN YOU CHRIS!!! DAMN YOU TO HELL!! that is, if the devil even wants your sorry ass there!!

if i could, i would out you right here on the site so everyone could see you as the conniving motherfucker that you are--but i guess there is some small (VERY small) part of me that won't let me do that...in the meantime, i am cursed with spending the rest of my natural life horny and alone...UGH!! talk about a death sentence!!

oh well, guess i'd better whip out the toys--it's gonna be another one of those weekends...


9/8/2006 10:25 pm

it doesnt have to be one of those weekends ,others may be as bad off or worse....read and ask questions ...stop cussing long enough to see someone is listening to you ....

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