anger becomes the catalyst...  

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9/3/2006 3:15 pm

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anger becomes the catalyst...

you know it's extremely rare for me to post anything in my blog when i am in a bad mood--but today is different...VERY different. You see, after my wonderful evening with chris, i went to bed (alone)...only to be awakened by my bf who was throwing things and acting irritable. When i asked what his problem was (just before i committed 1st degree murder--waking carmel from her sleep is grounds for me to kill you), he told me that he had been robbed while on his way home!!

now mind you I have concern about his safety, BUT it was 3:30 in the morning and you have to ask...WHY COULDN'T YOU BRING YOUR SORRY ASS HOME AT A NORMAL TIME SO SHIT LIKE THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN TO YOU?!

then he starts to take the shit out on me like i was the one who robbed him!! BIG MISTAKE!! so i couldn't be helped...i didn't hit him but i was tempted to pull a knife on him and cut him 7 ways from Sunday!! Your stupidity cost YOU--not me!! don't come at me with that "pity party, oh woe is me" BS!! If he'd do what i ask him WHEN I ASK HIM he and i could lead happier healthier lives--but because he wants to play stupid and dumb, his ass paid the price for no, i have no sympathy for him.

but unfortunately my frustrations are causing me to be irritated and as such are making me miserable...i need 3 or 4 hours of good, hard sex to allow me to vent--volunteers anyone?

i promise not to hurt you--much...

carmel62764 52F

9/3/2006 8:48 pm

    Quoting GhettoBootyLovr:
    Nice picture. Sorry the shithead had to fuck up your sleep. Umm, and tell his ass to carry more money in his damned wallet. Made my ass hide in the bushes for 20 bucks, damnit. LOL.
uh...what wallet? he doesn't OWN a wallet! i think you robbed the wrong damn shithead...honest mistake--all shitheads look (and SMEL alike...

and that 3-4 hour job is yours when you come back to town baby...and you know that, FUBU!! i still want my tongue action from you...

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