SURPRISE!! 2 posts in 1 day!!  

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9/2/2006 7:52 pm

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9/6/2006 7:54 pm

SURPRISE!! 2 posts in 1 day!!

i bet you weren't expecting this to occur--a 2nd posting from me...but today was full of surprises, topped off by the biggest one of all: the arrival on my doorstep of CHRIS!!!

that is correct, you are not seeing things--Chris came to see me this evening!!

it was more of a "hi there, just wanted to meet you and see if you are real and serious" kind of thing...and you know what? He reminds me of a great big teddy bear like the ones you win for your sweetie at the fair (the ones that you guys spend over $20 to win to "shore up" ya manhood and it only takes me maybe $3-$5 to, but the difference is that teddy bears don't drive you around town and feed you, nor do you have sex with them (I never fucked a teddy bear--hope I never get THAT desperate)!!

Still, as much as I was glad for the time that we got to talk and interact, I was scared the whole time (and I was packing a weapon the whole time) that he would do something--but he was an absolute gentleman the whole time. Which brings me right back to the same feelings that I was having for Chris before all the confusion started.

I don't rightly know if I will surrender my complete heart to him right now--there were things that were said on BOTH sides of the fence that leave me wondering if it is for real and mine for the taking or just "forbidden fruit" that is beyond my reach. I can say this much: if it turns out that Chris is the real deal, I will gladly turn in my zero and look to spend my life and my heart in the arms of a true hero...

carmel62764 52F

9/3/2006 8:44 pm

    Quoting GhettoBootyLovr:
    Tell mw why in the world you'd go anywhere with a man you feel you need to have a gun with you to protect yourself from.
i never said what kind of weapon i had...just that i had one...i always do, including when i went with you--it's not about not trusting a person, it's about security...

tonguenrestless 54M

9/6/2006 4:44 pm

i always do (have a weapon), including when i went with you

Man, that's a buzz killer! -D

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