I Meet Rob...  

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5/23/2006 2:53 am

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I Meet Rob...

Okay, I've gotten the feeling there are a few people on here that would disagree with my next move. Rob and I set up a time to meet at a pool hall near my place. For those purient few, I offer that it's hard to make progress without some degree of risk.

I was 20 minutes early to meet Rob, only to find him waiting and shooting pool with someone else. That someone being a woman. He came over to me immediately and introduced the woman playing pool as one of the bartenders (who was kind enough to shoot some stick with him on her break). Whether that was a lie or not, I'll never know and Rob won't tell me... much to his credit.

The bartender departed immediately, then returned with a pitcher of beer and wished me luck.

Rob laughed and explained that in a fit of honesty he had shared the reason why he was there with me. The bartender eventually listed on AdultFriendFinder and has been a lover of mine for 2 months. Hi baby!

Rob and I made chit-chat for about 5 minutes when he suggested that maybe he could hold me and that it would break the ice a little bit. He held me and oh god... that man knows how to hold a woman in 5 seconds like he's known her 50 years. I melted... I don't know how else to explain it.

It felt like we joked and cajoled for hours, but when I next checked the clock over the bar only 20 minutes had passed.

Maybe I should remind the gentle reader that this isn't something that happened last night. As I write this it has been over a year since this occurrence. It obviously had a big effect on me. It was the total awakening of my sexual self.

On my own volition, I invited Rob back to my apartment. I had made arrangements for my child to be away, but I had also let the next door neighbor know I had a gentleman caller coming, so they could keep an ear out in case there was trouble.

I suggested to Rob that we stop and pick up some liquid refreshment (booze) on the way, but he assured me that he had the bases covered. He followed me back to my apartment and after I parked, I watched him open the trunk of his car and load his strong arms with bags containing a veritable bar of liquor and mixers. Rob had warned me that we would make a party of things and he had certainly made good on that promise.

We walked up the stairs to my floor and my neighbor was outside to peek at my date. Rob sized up the situation immediately and introduced himself to my watchful neighbor. He warned that there might be some unusual and bizarre noises, but that it was okay to knock at any time if they should be wondering what was up. We hung out with my neighbor for awhile, just shooting the "shit."

We went inside my apartment and I gave him the grand tour, such as it was. We then went into the living room and sat across from each other for a few minutes while we talked about everyday stuff. I was sitting on my couch and he asked if he could move next to me and put his arm around me while we talked. He did, and not 2 minutes later we began making out like there was no tomorrow.

"Do you want to take a risk?" he asked.

"Yeah," I replied. "What is it?"

"Let's get undressed and pretend we've been married to each other for 20 years. Nothing is off limits and we trust each other implicitly. Can you handle it?"

Oh my god, I almost shit myself. I was searching for a man of experience, a man of new experience with the exception that I could feel like their most intimate lover... and he read it completely and was giving it to me.

I stood and stripped... quickly and nervously.

He stood and stripped... slowly and deliberately, ending in a wonderfully sexy and comic strip-tease. A gentleman and a tart.

Rob sat down on the couch and held his arms out to me. I sat down into his embrace and for the next two hours he kissed and courted me like something out of a little girl's dream.

After awhile and because it felt so comfortable to do so, we broke apart and sat back naked on my couch. I couldn't believe how relaxed and natural I felt in front of him. It's probably because as he sat there before me I saw an incredibly sexy man with high points and flaws, who was also incredibly sure of himself. I can't believe how confidence has become such a turn-on.

For the next two hours, we descended to the bowels of Roman decadence. I was fingered, toyed, licked, fucked, butt-fucked, spanked, and who knows how many other things during that time. Where I ordinarily cum once or twice a week, I had come 13 times and each one was better and longer than the previous one.

The topic of his occupation came up several times (at my bidding) during that time and I found the subject made me very hot. I ventured a question and Rob informed me that he had his equipment in the car. He hurried off to get his video rig.

I was surprised that he got everything in one trip. He brought in two video cameras, something he called a DAC and a handful of lights and umbrella-like things. Rob told me that I was in total control of what we shot and that while he had a waiver for me to sign for him to film it, it didn't give any distribution rights. It was clear and well-worded and hey... I signed it and allowed him to scan my ID to verify my age.

10 minutes later he was set up and I was getting stuffed by his big, fat cock. He was holding two cameras (and I was holding a hand mirror for one of them) while the DAC was taking in the long view. Rob fucked me, sucked me, screwed my face and my ass and sodomized me something like 7-8 times over the next few hours. I felt like such a whore and considering my background, whore was a good thing.

Later (4-5 hours later) we took a short break and went into the kitchen to raid the fridge and his make-shift bar. His cellphone rang and he answered it and I was shocked to hear him give someone my apartment complex's gate code and my apartment number.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. Rob told me to answer it naked. I did so and found Lori in all her redheaded beauty.

As it turned out, Rob had placed a call to her on the drive to my apartment and had left the connection open the whole time. Lori had heard us fucking for hours. Now she was horny and wanted in on the party.

I'll wrap this experience next time. Thanks for the read!


rm_4nik8_4u 61M
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5/23/2006 4:01 am

Let me guess...He was an older guy.
You know, older guys have the experience and as long as they still have the body to deliver the goods....well you already know the rest of the story!!!


AussieCuckold 53M/41F

5/23/2006 4:18 am


Loved it.

Djeeper1987 47M

5/23/2006 6:57 am

Interesting, I almost felt like I was watching a porn movie on one of those sex sites.
You seem like you had a hella of a great time. Hope you were protecting yourself.

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