My bachelor observations..  

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2/6/2006 8:37 pm

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My bachelor observations..

For those of us sappy romantics that take the time to watch "The Bachelor" here's my take on the situation...

I have watched all but one season since it started. I love watching the drama unfold and I think the way the women make us fellow females look is amusing. While I don't believe they should enter into an engagement in six weeks, I do believe you can make a connection with someone that could last in the real world. Call me optimistic but hey, someone's gotta look at the glass as half full.

Travis is definitely the most charming and hottest bachelor they have had thus far. It's nice knowing there are still doctors in TN (my home state) that aren't balding. He's smart, laid back and seems very sincere in his intentions.

And now the women. Every season, I cringe as I watch the woman in the house. They truly make us look bad. When they aren't being bitches, they are professing their love after the first date. They make us single women look desperate and dramatic. Two things I am worlds away from.

I predict he will end up with Moana. She loves to play the victim, has the drama queen thing down pat and should be considered the true actress of the group. Every date or video with her is extremely intense. I just couldn't deal with that and I am not sure how he is coping with it either. He falls for it every single time. She is the proverbial drama queen that shows up on every season. Thanks Moana for filling that role, but I, for one, could do without it.

Then there's Susan. Beautiful and intelligent but insincere. It's all about being on TV for her and winning the competition. I don't think she is genuine nor are her intentions. If your own Mother is worried about your sincerity, you have issues. Move on Travis!

Sarah from Canada. While perky and fun, she is just too young. He sent her home tonight and I think he made the right decision. She's not in the same place he is and it is always better to let them loose than try to mature someone.

That leaves Sarah from Tennessee. There isn't anything bad I could say about her. She's cute, fun and great with kids. I feel he has a friendship with her that could go the distance but I wonder about the spark. There's only been one kiss. Her family is another story. Mom, you've got to cut the apron strings. If she is happy and wants to move to Colorado, so be it!

If you read this entire post and thought "Man, this girl is way too into this show", think again. Half the time I miss it due to my son's basketball practice. I've watched about 1/3 of the episodes to come up with these observations. Makes me wonder how one guy can go the entire 6 weeks without catching on. Wake up and think with the right head!

That's my take on it, love it or not. If you watch who do you think he will end up??? If you don't watch, I still love you but I must go eat my bon-bons now while I channel surf for a Lifetime movie!

TzarsAmuseChant 41M
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2/7/2006 9:10 am

i've never watched it. i might have to check it out... if it's still playing when I buy another TV.

carebearluv2 41F

2/7/2006 8:14 pm

5, I'm sure it will be. They have been on for the past couple of years. I think you would be equally amused by the drama and enjoy the bikinis.

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