Can guys and girls just be friends?  

carebearluv2 42F
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12/16/2005 9:02 pm

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6/1/2006 7:31 pm

Can guys and girls just be friends?

Bravely, I called him today to ask about his date. Nervous, I waited for the love? nothing? One of the great things about him is his honesty so I knew he would tell me the truth: "She was a nice girl but I didn't feel anything when she grabbed my hand". Silently, I let a little smile creep across my face. As awful as it sounds, I was actually happy.

I don't begrudge his happiness. In fact, I want him to love someone, get married and have kids becuase I know these things are his dream. I just don't want to excluded as a possibilty for that dream. However, I still won't tell him how I feel. He may never know.

When it comes down to it, a question I have always had is coming back to me. Can guys and girls just be friends?

Personally, I have slept or been involved with all but 2 of my friends (he is one of the 2). In fact, I have a child with a high school "friend". After all, they know my deepest, darkest secrets. I can't help but feel close to them.

I've discussed this topic at length with both men and women. The majority stated they became friends because they were attracted to the other person to begin with. Do you agree?

rm_titsandtires 51M/41F
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12/16/2005 9:20 pm

I have two female friends that I have never slept with. One for 22 years, and one for 14 years. Was I ever attracted to them? Oh, hell yeah! My opinion about how the two friendships developed is this...

In both cases, when we met, one or both of us were involved with someone else. One of us would break up, the other in a relationship, back and forth, so on and so on. By the time we were both single at the same time, (which took several years for both) I think we both felt that sleeping together would just be weird now.

Can it happen? Yes. Does it happen? Yes. But it's like road construction. Lots of donut breaks, and it still takes forever.


ArgosPlumyKooky 45F
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12/16/2005 9:35 pm

i agree, all the men i am interested in having friendships with are at least somewhat attractive to me.

bootielover3 56M

12/16/2005 10:04 pm

What is the use of having a friend if you aren't at least intrigued with being friends with benefits. lol

norprin5 55M

12/18/2005 8:15 am

i've got lots of women friends - and i fantasize about most of them.

King Nor XVIII

dasher121 36M

12/19/2005 4:17 am

yes i think that men and women can very much be friends. one of my best friends is a woman. she has been there for me in very rough times, and i have been there for her as well. and lustful or physical feelings have never come up in either one of us. its the friendship that i value very much, and the insight that i enjoy.
it is very possible to be friends and stay that way, if it is what you truely want.

(Princess Lips)

12/21/2005 12:19 am

if there is ANY sexual tension- no , not in the "conventional way" WEG


carebearluv2 42F

12/22/2005 7:37 pm

nice analogy Tires. My childhood friend and I were the same way. By the time we were both single, he was like a brother to me. I know I live in TN, but I don't go there! lol

carebearluv2 42F

12/22/2005 7:38 pm

I agree Snatch..come to think of it, I have some hot guy friends!

carebearluv2 42F

12/22/2005 7:39 pm

boot and Nor..thanks for the insight. Never thought about my friend fantasizing about me...hope I am good!

carebearluv2 42F

12/22/2005 7:39 pm

Lips, I feel silly asking this but I must have missed the WEG thing..what the heck does it mean?

carebearluv2 42F

12/22/2005 7:41 pm

Dasher, I worry about crossing the line with this friend for that reason. He is always there to listen and sometimes seems to be the only one that does care what I am thinking. I tend to keep my feelings hidden and he is an inate ability to bring them to the surface.

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