A good dinner party...  

carebearluv2 42F
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11/17/2005 6:43 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A good dinner party...

So there you are, having a dinner party.....

Your parents are there,
Your in-laws are there,
Your boss and his wife are there,
The minister and his wife are there,
You're all settling down for a nice,
relaxing evening dinner...

Then in walks the dog...

How would you explain?

Note: If you have your filter on, make sure you turn it off so you can see the picture! =)

rm_titsandtires 51M/41F
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11/17/2005 10:41 pm

Rosco! *turning to guest*
that darn dog has been digging through the neighbors garbage again. strange thing is, he likes to hide it all under my bed. funny isn't it? *while looking at the minister* don't you think?


carebearluv2 42F

11/18/2005 10:04 pm

Good excuse Tires..could also try: "Gosh, chew toys are getting so much bigger these days!" *getting up to pour more wine*

digdug41 49M

11/22/2005 12:06 pm

roflmao thats funny shit. I guess if it were me I would be mortified and I'd have to leave town

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

carebearluv2 42F

11/22/2005 7:08 pm

Either do I Jez..thank god! lol

Thanks for the filter info, I changed the post to let people know to turn if off!


carebearluv2 42F

11/22/2005 7:10 pm

Dig, what do you think the sermon would be about the next day at church? I bet I can take a wild guess..lol

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