Walking the walk  

captcockard 43M
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5/23/2006 5:22 pm

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10/10/2007 1:11 am

Walking the walk

OK something that is bothering me why is it that so many of you ladies can not back up your profiles.Over the last month I did a experiment all standard members could contact me so no excuse.All members who said that they would shag you silly without asking for your name our number etc. I contacted.And NOT one reply NOT one.Not even an email offering an excuse.SO why ladies(and i am sure you have similar problems with guys)can you not walk the walk.Or are you all a bunch a time wastes.I look forward to reading your comments.

shadylady1939 77F

10/3/2007 9:32 am

baby i can back up mine you tell me when and where[Band you can have the ride of your life .this old gal dont back up or run havent had a good peace in 6 yrs...and i want it all or none...shadylady

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