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captainzipper 44M
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10/27/2005 3:36 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

no one

"no one will hurt you
no one will hurt you
no one can hurt you
no one can hurt you
i won't allow them to hurt you ...

lay here beside me
stay here beside me
close your eyes
stay here with me .."

some days it's so easy to simply slink to the floor,
a shadow puppet version of yourself
as you stair blankly at the door,
your mind an otherwise empty shelf ...

then slowly, when you least expect
broad rays of daylight flicker through the blinds
shrouding you in warmth as though to protect
those shadows from taking root inside your
fragile mind ...

I tried to write yesterday, but it seemed a daunting task at best. Too many ghosts keep calling out, a quiet plea for attention that I can't ignore nor would I want to.

Yet no matter how close the shadows seemed to get, there was yet that little light there as well, not so close as to touch except for in my mind's eye, yet it's presance felt flickering as though in a beautiful dance there as I wept.

Sometimes tears simply have to fall. This is ok. This is human and perfectly natural. I couldn't imagine being any other way ...

But on *this* day, I say thanks to you , that light who'd perhaps not even know you were there to help me through a dark day. You are so very special, indeed.

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