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10/24/2005 4:31 pm

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Yes, it is true.

I have re-written my post a number of times now.
Each time it has been denied by the system.

These words were not meant to be here.

The one's that were are all now lost.

At first I was confused, then frustrated, and now simply sad.

captainzipper 44M

10/26/2005 9:03 am

Thanks for the post BigGirl --- as it goes there was nothing in my original post that was any different from how I usually write aka nothing I could figure out that would cause it to be denied, and more than just a couple of times. I even re-wrote the entire thing from scratch. The one you see here was my last little laugh with myself assuming this wouldn't even make it.

I'm curious to see if *my* response here will make it ... I'd left one on a friend's blog yesterday only to have it vanish a few hours later which just kind of left me confused. I suppose if nothing else at least I know that it's not just me who's having that kind of issue here ( the system's been showing me as being online etc. when I'm not as well so who knows )

So anyway, if you *are* able to read this, no I hadn't removed any posts here, nor would I unless they were made by the ever present male hormone-zombie population in a distasteful manner ( although even then I'd likely point out a thing or two as to why they have no place in my world first )

captainzipper 44M

10/27/2005 7:50 am

*scratches his chin and raises one brow as he ponders the situation*

So that's interresting ... suddenly the system decided to show all of the vanishing posts afterall ...

I'd considered making a new entry yesterday, but held off assuming it would be lost as this one had been .. perhaps I'll attempt it later and see what transpires ...

And by the way ~~

Thanks for your post as well curvalicious ... it hadn't appeared here until this morning but I'm glad that it finally has as well ...
It's always *quite* the pleasure to recieve your words

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