The Beautiful People  

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10/8/2005 2:03 pm

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The Beautiful People

I think at times I perhaps get a bit too excited about possibilities ... that's not to say I have high hopes for things that could or would never be. Either way I suppose it's not a bad thing per se, as it can sometimes serve to take me places I may not have ever been before ...

Recording is taking a subtle shift, one which I think will turn out to be a good thing ... little flickering elements of desire showing up in ways I'd not expected, especially in the broader scope of what I'm trying to achieve.

In other news:

Do you ever get that thing where you'll be so attracted to a person but you can't really understand why or how ? Especially if it's someone you know very little about ... like you can't deny the desire to know them as a person, yet at the same time there's such a strong sexual attraction just below the surface. You try your best to not be blatant about either yet hate the idea of not just being open about it all ...

I guess that with a site like this one that may not really be the case for most people who come here ...

What's sort of funny is that I keep finding myself writing *around* what's really on my mind, although at least I'm not just one of an infinite number of men who quite literally *only* think with their cock. That's not to say that I'm not so utterly aroused right now in a *very* big way of course Perhaps I'm just a bit too subtle about everything, though at the same time I see how other men act ... and I'm glad I'm not that way towards women and never will be.

Yep, talking in circles yet again ...

"Today I'm dirty, and I want to be pretty
tomorrow I know I'm just dirt ... "

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