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10/17/2005 12:50 am

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Shadow of ...

We bring you an extra special report from Zipperland. Just moments ago at a press confrence R made the following speech, one we feel each of you -- robot or not -- may want to hear.

( the following is an edited transcription of R's speech, edited for length only. for a full copy and further details on this evenings press confrence please feel free to contact us )

Greetings my fellow citizens. ( the next 5 minutes edited as they consisted primarily of a lot of mumbled nonsesnse by R )

... but that is all irrelevant to the matters at hand. I have a few questions for all of you men out there and though I know that none of you will have the courage to answer honestly if at all, I still want you to try and actually THINK about this --

~~ Do you know how to read ?? I assume you must since you know which link to click when you send your unwanted, graphic descriptions of your sexual desires to women ( and other men for that matter ) who CLEARLY state in their profile that they do NOT in fact want that type of messages.

Please try and prove me wrong here ... prove to your public that you actually have a brain rather than being a walking hormone.

~~ Why on earth do you continue to live by a VERY wrong, ignorant concept that women are only here on this earth as a means for your sexual gratification ? To be honest I have more respect for any woman on this earth than I do for a single living man ... you see respect is a thing you should give FREELY, and that should only ever change when a person or persons make blatant choices that prevent you from respecting them.

Again, prove me wrong here all of you men in the audience tonight. Prove to me that not only are you worthy of *my* respect .. but that you understand the concept of respecting women as your absolute equals on this planet, the concept that you can actually be a woman's friend without wanting to get into their pants.

~~ I have some other questions scribbled here in my notes, but as you may have guessed I'm a bit frustrated this evening .. and perhaps even more so sad. I can not help but feel sad when people treat one another poorly, no matter the reasons. I am just that way ... I wear my emotions with pride rather than hide them behind a facade of being "too macho" to do so.

It also makes me sad on this day of all days, one which started out full of so many happy thoughts and that potent sense of curiousity and wonder ...

Perhaps those of you in the audience with actual brains will think about what I've said, perhaps not.

At this point R made a few parting comments about those things he'd have liked to be saying this evening, those happy thougts he'd intended to share. As per usual his words on that end were cryptic yet thougtful, words of desire and how it can often times extend or perhaps transcend beyond the mere sexual.

Although we were unable to get a proper picture to accompany this article, it should also be noted that the shirt R was wearing this evening bore the simple phrase "Pink Lace Rocks". What this exactly means he did not comment upon though, so look for that and many other mysteries to be answered in future interviews with the mighty R.

" .. and I wish that I could be the king, then I'd know that I am not alone ... "

captainzipper 44M

10/17/2005 1:31 pm

Once again I thank you for your thoughtful comments BigGirl. The email you copied for me is indeed the exact kind of thing I was writing about ... I mean seriously, you know that guy spent about 3 hours typing that up in Notepad then, quite proud of his achievement, saved it in a very special folder on his desktop labled "Oh yea!! Gonna get laid tonight!!" for the sake of easily cutting / pasting it into an email to any profile he happens to notice is labled as female.

Hats off to you Mr. Hormone, you're well on your way to earning your PHD in How Men Should Not Behave Towards Women, Even On An Adult Dating Site.

Lets face it ~ men like that rock !!

Oh wait ... no, no they surely don't.

Thanks for the post though, it did give me a bit of a laugh to read through that, especially the "I'm just an all american boy, I saw you photos, I got Hard" ( capitol H for emphasis of course ) Pure poetry.

On a serious note though, in all honesty I was very bummed when I posted last night ... a really nice girl gave up and decided to leave the site due to exactly that kind of lame, unwanted email gracing her inbox in large numbers on a regular basis, and it just makes me sad when people don't ever once stop to think that their actions may have a negative impact on another person's life. I am sad and even though I can not even say I really know her she will still be missed.

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