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10/10/2005 10:31 am

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" the light color in the room
the sunshine seeping in
doesn't mix with the black of
death's angel looming in
i've had enough of the
brutal beatings and name callings
to lose me to this bed
bruised internally
your praise little gifts you spent your money
and stuffed me with
didn't amount to anything
the attention i need is much more serious
a kind of weight you couldn't lift
even if your cheap career
depended on it
i need someone much more
to be my miss
to be my mistress"

The mystery of the unknown is such a prevelant force in my life ... I couldn't do the things I do creatively otherwise. I can't help but find myself attracted by it in other ways as well. Or should I rather say I know it's what leads me to be attacted to certain people ?

I hear it said time and time again that we are very visual creatures, yet to me attraction is like this beautiful music ~ abstract and intangable yet able to produce such a strong string of emotional responses. At one moment you'll feel an overwhelming sense of desire and excitement , the next a quiet contemplation. Mere images can hardly carry such sweet notes as these, though when combined with a seperate sense of attraction can prove quite potent indeed, near intoxicating at times.

Mysterious ? Yes. Interesting in an undefinable way ? Yes. A strong desire to know more ? Yes.

But ...

"Your dream is purple summer
in a shimmer on the bay ...
but will you ever find your way ?
would you ask for me to stay?"

~ R

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