suprise wake up for your daughter  

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9/29/2005 6:46 pm

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suprise wake up for your daughter

I have been away all weak on a job. We have been speaking on the phone throughout the weak, teasing each other with sexy talk. When I tell you I’m do home the next night, you want me to come over no matter what time it is. I tell you I have a very big surprise for you. The next day we talk on the phone and I say I’ll be home late, you say you still want me to come over. You will leave your door unlocked and I can come in and go right to your bedroom where you’ll probably be sleeping. You still don’t know what my big surprise is. I get to your house sometime after 11:00 pm. You and your daughters are sound asleep, so I come in quietly. I enter your bedroom and it is very dark. I can barely make out the outline of your body. I can see you’re slightly tilted away from me so I can’t really see your face, all I see is a little hair sticking from the blanket all snuggled up sleeping. I am very quiet, but I need to give you my present now. My surprise is that I have been saving myself for you all weak long. We would talk on the phone and tease each other. I would play with myself until I was about to cum, and then I would stop, this was stimulating my semen production, keeping the factories busy all weak. By this point I have a huge load of cum, perhaps the biggest I have ever stored up, and it’s ready to come out with a vengeance. I am so horny and ready to explode that I decide to wake you up by draining my fully loaded balls all over you. However, what I did not know is that you and your daughter had switched beds for the night because your back hurt and her bed is better for you. You forgot about the fact that I was coming over when you switched rooms. I still think it’s you hidden in the bed. I silently unzip my pants and pull them down, revealing a gigantic hard on. You know how hard I get after a few days without sex, imagine this one that has been building up for a solid weak. I walk over close to the bed, stroking on this incredible boner I have. It doesn’t take long before I’m ready to erupt. Right as I’m ready to come, I whisper your name to wake you up. I want to see you roll over and get blasted with this barrelful of cum I’ve been saving. I know you kind of like that too that’s why I’m doing it this way. After I whisper your name, you roll over and start to pick your head up. It’s at that moment that I realize it’s not you. But it is too late for me to stop, my cum has already begun to fly. Your poor, young daughter is in for the shock of her life. Seven full days worth of cum stored up is being unleashed upon her. The first few gushes get her in the top of her head and in her hair, some even gets on the pillow. The next blast hits her square in the face, she lets out a gasp, but the split second her mouth is opened, she gets a full shot right to the back of her throat, causing her to gag and cough. But I can’t stop, I was purposely saving all this for you because I know you like it when I have allot in there. She is flinching and gagging as stream after stream is pelting her relentlessly. This is all happening so fast and I was in shock to see that is wasn’t you, I don’t even think to try to aim elsewhere. She tries to block it with her hand, but there is so much coming out at different angles, it is still managing to cover her whole head. I continue to stand there, jerking off, completely draining my rock-hard balls all over this pretty young face. I have done this to you before, but it was usually only a day or two’s worth. Imagine after seven days the amount of thick cum that is being flooded upon this unsuspecting young girl. After what looks like gallons of cum have erupted, I finally stop. I step back and look at her; her head has been totally covered in warm, thick, gooey and yet runny cum. It is on the headboard, the pillow, the sheets, in her hair, on her hand, dripping from the corner of her mouth, and has completely engulfed her face. She looks up towards me and one eye is plastered shut, the other barely open. It’s a look I won’t soon forget. She reaches over and turns the light on. Then I really see just how much cum I have jetted out on her. It is an unbelievable sight. It looks like a full milk carton has been popped over her. She looks down at my dick, still very big, cum dripping from the huge tip and off my hand which is still holding this loaded weapon. She asks me why I did this to her, I say “I’m sorry” and “I thought it was your mom.” She says curiously, “Does every man have this much in them?” I said no, most are not this full or big. I give her a nearby towel to wipe herself off. She says she doesn’t want to tell you about what happened, I’m not sure why. I said I would do something to make it up to her and apologized again. She then takes the cum-soaked towel and wipes the tip of my massive dick off. She kind of squeezes and strokes it, a few more drops ooze out from the dribbling tip. She is surprised how big and hard it still is. She hasn’t seen many dicks, and mine is quite big and thick, as you know. Then she looks up to me and says that we can work something out. She has a kind of puzzling, sultry look on her face while saying that. She gets up out of bed and I notice that her nipples are piercing through her nightshirt, the way yours do when you’re really horny. She heads towards the bathroom to clean up, but along the way she drops the saturated towel a few times. She knows I’m behind her, and each time she drops the towel, she bends over without bending her legs. Her shirt rides up revealing her skimpy see-through panties that are just barely covering her firm round ass, by the third time her underwear have creeped into her buttcrack, letting the bottom of her soft round cheeks be seen. I can even see some pubic hair from her thick mound protruding out from the sides of her wedgy. She peaks back to make sure I am looking. If I didn’t know better I would think she was definitely teasing with me. She goes and gets cleaned up and I get into bed with you to sleep. We never did tell you about this and she hasn’t cashed in this favor yet…

rm_magnet4u22 49F
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10/2/2005 5:40 pm

Interesting it true? How old is the daughter?


captaindischarge 45M

10/2/2005 5:50 pm

it wasnt true, kinda wish it was, but i did base it on a women i was dating a few years ago, i think the daughter was 17 teen or so when we were dating..

joeisgoodfun2 39M

11/16/2005 10:49 am

Oh man, I love that story...keep up the good work! I have the mother daughter fantasy on a regular basis...yea baby!

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