perfect arizona way to cool down  

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7/20/2005 9:15 pm

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perfect arizona way to cool down

It is a very hot summer day, we want to go for a bike ride so we go out early, but it is still very warm already. It doesn’t take long until we are sweating pretty good. By the time we get back we are very wet, sweat is literally dripping off of us. Our hair is matted down, are close are stuck to us, and we are glistening in the light. We start to drink some nice cold water. You try to drink a little to fast and some water runs out from your mouth and goes down your chest. Not only does this look very sexy to me, but it feels extremely good to you. This gives me an idea. I have you take your shorts off, along with your shirt. But you leave your underwear on, witch is clinging to you from the massive amounts of sweat. I also take my shirt and my shorts off. You can see that I already am beginning to become aroused. My sweat-damped underwear has a growing lump in them. I get a tall glass of ice cold water and tell you to just stand still. Your nipples are starting to protrude through your skimpy bra, but that’s nothing like what’s about to happen. I give you a sip from the cup. Then I lightly poor some down your neck and on to your chest. This is very refreshing to you. It is also turning you on somewhat. When the cold water reaches your breasts, you flinch a little because of the sensation of this very cold water hitting your hot body. I poor a little on both of your breasts. Your nipples are extremely erect, partially do to the water; moreover, due to the fact that you are becoming very excited. You reach down and grab my massive erection. Your eyes widen when you feel how hard I am. Your nipples are piercing through your wet bra, this is driving me crazy, and it is absolutely beautiful. Some of the water trickles down your sweaty stomach. I add to this with some more cold water. Now your pink panties have gotten wet and are becoming even more shear. I can start to see some of your pubic hair bulging through. This drives me even crazier. There you stand, erect nipples shining through a wet bra, and a fair amount of pubic hair getting more noticeable as I add more water. You are also very horny by this point. I spin you around and poor some water on to your back. You cringe a little and get some goose bumps. When the water reaches your sweet pink-pantied ass, I get even more turned on than before. Now the back of your entire body is wet and shiny. Your ass becomes clearly visible through your thin, wet panties. I step back and just admire this wonderful site, front and back. You are wet and glistening, and your underwear has become very see through. I suck on your nipples right through your thin bra. It almost feels as if you’re not even wearing one. I go down between your legs and kiss your very wet crotch. You can feel my lips and tongue right through your thin, wet panties. You are going crazy. I turn you around and start licking your pussy from underneath. You lean over and put your hands on the wall, then you push your ass up and back. I am on my knees eating you out from behind. I pull your panties to the side and start fingering and tonguing you. It doesn’t take you long to reach an orgasm. Your pussy is dripping, some sweat, and some water, but mostly your sweet juices. You moan and twitch abruptly as you cum with tremendous power. You are in ecstasy. Now you feel that you need my gigantic shaft forcefully thrusted into you repeatedly. But first, you want to tease me alittle. You get on your knees in front of me, my underwear is damp and you poor some cold water on to me. But this doesn’t hinder the massive erection I have, in fact, it even gets bigger. As you poor the water onto me, you start to see my massive shaft becoming visible through my white underwear. First you see the big, fat, tip coming through. Then you start to see even more of my throbbing cock, getting more detailed as you poor more water on me. I am ready to explode, my dick is almost bursting through these now wet underwear. You finally remove them and begin to fondle me. My balls are in tight from the cold water, but my dick is huge, and extremely hard. You decide to treat me to something special. Your orgasm seems to have satisfied your needs after all, so you want to take care of me now. You go and get some crushed ice from the freezer. My dick is starting to seep a bit because I am so horny. My balls were not only tight because of the water, they are also full and ready to be drained. You put the ice in your mouth and then get on your knees in front of me. You start to suck my big, sweaty, hot dick with the ice in your mouth. It is got to be one of the best feelings I ever had. It is refreshing, it is cooling, and it is driving me to the point of ejaculation. Your tongue and mouth is enough to do this to me, but the feeling the ice cubes as well is simply amazing. Definitely the best blow job I ever had, summer or winter. Your hand is stoking me while your other is playing with my very tight, compacted balls. All the while, your ice cube mouth works wonders on me. I have had more than I can take. You have just enough time to swallow the melting water in your mouth to make room for what is coming. I tilt my head back and start to flinch and groan. You feel my thick dick swell just a bit more. Then you get blasted with one of the biggest shots of cum I have ever expelled. Since this was the best blow job, it’s only natural that you caused me to have one of the biggest and most powerful orgasms I’ve ever had. The first shot fills your mouth completely. I hear it squirting into your mouth, still with the ice cubes in it. Then you get another massive river of cum. It continues to come out of me in huge thick blasts. You keep stroking me, each one jetting out streams of cum. You get about six or seven of the biggest shots I have ever released. But you handle it very well, you have managed to swallow most of it. Only a few trickles come out of your mouth. After the last blast, I pull my dick from your mouth. Some semen still is dripping from the tip. You take one of the cubes from your mouth and rub it around the tip of my dick. You get every bit of cum off of me, then you put the ice back in your mouth and suck it all down. This was by far one of the best experiences I ever had or will have, and I owe you in return, perhaps the ice will play a different part when it’s my turn…

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7/22/2005 9:24 am

I will want to continue to thank the Jesus Lord because of you for this time that you start to read this message: Dear sister, consider a little the conditions that us should fill in 2corinthiens 5:17-21. How TO BE IN CHRIST in order to be a new creature, a celestial citizen in accordance with Apocalypse 21:1-7 and to avoid the destruction quoted in Apocalypse 21:8? How to give up, flee the impudicity, the idolatrie, the lie, cupidity, incredulity in the Word of God...? However what precedes constitutes goodwill today, source of pleasure... the solution is simple: TO BELIEVE that Jesus-Christ is enu to die on the cross of Golgotha because of all our péchés(les votres and the miens).Il is ressuscity among deaths the 3rd day, its blood was used as expiation once for very for those which accept it. It should be known that the forgiveness of our sins is announced while believing in the Powerful Name of Jesus-Christ. Acts of Apotres 13:38-52; after having believed, a second step it is to be baptized because the Lord ordered in Marc 15:16-20 by saying that that which will believe and will be baptized will be SAFE but that which will not believe will be condemned. Romans 8:1-, it ya not of judgment for those which are in J-c i.e., those which believed and baptized with the Invaluable Name of Jesus-Christ. It is this only baptème BIBLICAL which makes you enter in J-c by the means of the faith. It is necessary to be this spiritual dash, this divine THIRSTY to belong to your Father GOD, by the faith in J-c, him DARLING being the IMMUTABLE, TRUE Word of GOD Jean 1:1, etc... Thus without the faith in him, without the baptème conforms to that practised by the APOTRES the Whit Sunday, it does not have there the promise of forgiveness of the sins, it ya not of promise to belong to GOD... to see Actes of Apotres 2:37-39. By believing in J-c, one also needs REPENTANCE of the ill deeds (dead works of last) and SE TO CONVERT so that the sins are erased, to see Actes 3:19) and TO RECEIVE the gift of God, the Holy Spirit that God gives only to HIS. My sister, God wants that you serve it by leaving the IMPUDICITE (it be-with-dire:Adultère for promised in marriage, the divorced women and the mariés;la vice or the fornication for the single people and the impurity for the homosexual ones and/or the lesbians. Leave, leave, flee the works described in the book of Galates 5:19-21, Çorinthiens 5:10-11 but are washed, justified, sanctified by the WORD OF GOD in the name of Jesus-Christ. Remainder, within pleasure of the sexual pleasures; brothers you marry and are faithful. That the women are submitted in all to their husbands as to the Lord (forget the satanic slogan of the emancipation of the woman). Will know my sisters that a divorced woman does not have the divine right of remarier but of reconcilier with her husband. Contrary, from living of her husband if it does it, it would fall into the sin from Adultery. The man is not dependent for him. That God blesses you in the name of Jesus-Christ. Charles.

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