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9/6/2005 6:52 pm

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my kinda ride

We start out early to go for a ride on our bikes, it is a beautiful, crisp, clear day. Light jackets are all we need until later when it warms up. We head out down some nice back roads. Every intersection we come to you pull up next to me and start licking your lips in a very seductive way. You are starting to drive me crazy. My dick has been hard for a while now and you keep doing it, teasing me. We come up to another stop sign and you pull your tank top to the side revealing one of your nice big breasts. The next stop we make you notice I have a big bulge protruding from my crotch. Between the vibration of the bike and you teasing me I have become incredibly aroused. My balls are in overtime producing massive amounts of my manhood for you. It has been building for sometime now. As we are going down the road you motion to pull over, you have had more than you can take. You need satisfaction now. We find a nice secluded spot to stop in, no one is around, and we are in the middle of nowhere. We stop and take are gear off. I go into the woods to take a pee, only I can’t because my dick is hard as a rock. After standing there for a moment you come up behind me and ask if I need any help. You lean over my shoulder to look, you see a massive erection. You reach around my waist and put your hands on it, it is very hard. You slowly stroke it and tell me to relax. You gently push up on my balls, that puts just enough pressure on me to release my bladder. I finally start to pee with you holding on to my dick, you never felt this before, you can feel it coming through my dick. You start to play a little bit and move my dick around sending the stream in different positions. You get a kick out of this. As it starts to stop you notice it begins to get even harder than before. You wipe the last drop of urine off the tip of my dick with your finger then lick it clean. You spin me around and drop right to your knees. You start sucking on me giving me an excellent blowjob. Playing with my balls just enough to drive me nuts. You spin me back around and start feeling my balls from behind me. You push your face right underneath me and suck my balls from the back of me stroking my tremendously hard dick from behind. Your face is in my ass as you do this. It’s driving me absolutely crazy. You feel my balls have gotten very tight, I am almost ready to explode. After a bit of this you stand up and say follow me. You lead me by my gigantic tool holding on and pulling me out of the woods with my dick. We go over to our bikes. Your pussy is dripping for me by now. You drop your pants and lean over the bike. I just step in behind you and my massive dick glides right in your pussy. You feel my thickness spread you open. I start out kind of slow, letting you feel every bit of me as it goes in and out. You can feel the tip bottoming out in you when it’s in all the way. I start to go faster and deeper. I begin to pump you extremely hard and fast. You have a huge orgasm that buckles your knees. I slow down and let you shiver and twitch as you continue to cum. Then I pull it out slowly and rest it in you butt crack, letting your pussy juices drip into your ass. Then I slowly but firmly start to enter your ass, my massive member is spreading your cheeks wide open. It is a little painful to you, but you take it tough because you enjoy it so much. It only takes a few strokes of this tight butt hole to send me to climax. I pull it away from your ass and you drop and spin around in front of me. As this happens we start to hear a couple bikes pulling up to the same spot we are in. But it’s too late to stop. I begin to pump out warm thick globs of cum on you. The bikes are pulling up next to us as I continue to stroke this huge erection I have. Each stroke releasing massive amounts of cum on you, it is getting in your hair, covering your face, and raining down in globs on your chest as well. I finally stop and I wipe the excess on your cheek. You are covered in my manhood. You stay down there while I zip up my pants and go get your bandana from your bike to wipe you off. Meanwhile, the two bikes that pulled up had a guy and girl on one, and a girl on the other. The guy was stopping to whiz and the girl on the back had just seen the end of that explosion I just had. The guy made it into the woods and the girls were approaching you when I got back with the bandana. They saw it happen, and they see you covered in cum as you begin to wipe yourself off. Both girls are amazed at the amount of cum on you. You yourself still get surprised by my ejaculations sometimes. They are impressed and one of the girls actually wipes a bit off your face with her finger and then licks it clean. She says damn that was pretty good, the other girl does the same. The guy is still in the woods peeing. The one girl licking her lips looks at me in a very sensual way and puts her hand on my crotch and asks if I got any more for her. I tell her we’ll just have to find out won’t we. All five of us ride off in the distance together for another sexual adventure to cum…

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9/8/2005 4:54 am


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