Hoping to Lose It  

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11/4/2005 1:40 am

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Hoping to Lose It

Hello everyone,

I've been a member of this site for a few days now and am so longing to have sex that I've gone ahead and gotten both a gold membership and paid to allow standard members to contact me.

I'm still, at age 23 a virgin, until recently, I was actually proud of that fact, but at 21 I got into my first serious relationship which I was in for just under 2 years, still, even though the girl I was dating was not a virgin, determined to hold out and not have sex until "marriage" or at least until the relationship got serious.

Well over time, she became incredibly controlling and strange, and one of her favorite things to do was to get me worked up and then leave me hanging, and yet though I never got past 3rd base with her, she would constantly hold her "experience" over me as if I was unknowledgeable in relationships because I had never had sex.

The relationship, as you have probably figured out, has ended badly, and now I'm longing to lose my virginity, I'm tired of not having that part of my life. As I'm newly out of this relationship (ended a few months ago) I'm not looking for another serious relationship, though I wouldn't turn one away if it developed, I'm looking for someone who will take my virginity from me and let me do everything in my ability to please them.

My ex did let me eat her out, one time I ate her out for over 2 and a half hours straight (making her cum 4 times), and I really like that and miss it, so I'm hoping that by joining this site I could find someone I could eat out, finger, suck her breasts, kiss passionately, and then, after pleasing her several times, give away what I've been waiting to give away all my life, my virginity.

Any ladies out there willing to take my virginity from me in exchange for anything I can do to please you?

Until what time as I do lose my virginity, I'll continue to post my hopes, dreams, and progress, but I hope to lose my virginity soon and thus make this whole blog obsolete (at which point perhaps I'll turn it into a chronicles of my then newly found sex life.)

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