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8/23/2006 3:08 pm

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8/24/2006 3:16 pm

penis pictures

what is it with those guys whose only pics are of an ultra close-up of their cocks? I especially love it when they ask what i think of their "pics" or when they post in a group. its a bit like this (spelling mistakes are there for effect):

And penis #1 says: hey any horney ladies here?
penis #2: me too I'm horny!
penis #3: hey laydies, 43 year old cheating married guy here, any takers?
etc etc

if anyone is reading this that only has penis pics on your profile, I can tell you that as a bi guy I don't find it attactive and my lady friends think the same thing! so take some body and face shots people! and BTW, if you are trying to be discreet, wouldn't it be easier to have a relationship where play is okay? especially since you obviously feel that its okay for you? I don't get those kind of people. I find it easier just to be HONEST and UPFRONT with people about what I want ahead of time. It saves alot of trouble in the long run. sure there were times that I could have gotten laid but didn't because I was upfront about what I wanted (mostly F.W.B.) but I wouldn't want to sleep with someone who is closed minded anyways and probably wouldn't have enjoyed myself all that much


PS one gripe how is "bisexual" a MOOD??? whats up with that AdultFriendFinder? well now that I read all of the moods, half of the are not emotions or moods at all, but if bi is a mood why are "straight" or "gay" not moods??

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