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2/8/2006 9:57 pm

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One night my friend and his wife came over. He was carrying a small briefcase with him. We got all settled in the rec room and his wife got on her knees and was working on blowing the two of us when my friend asks me if I would video tape him and his wife having sex. About then his wife was deep throating my cock, so I would have said yes to just about anything!

I got the camera out and started getting it ready as they explained what they wanted. They had used a tripod and took turns holding the camera, but they could not get the quality they wanted. I said I would do my best and hopefully do better than the tripod.

I got the camera rolling and she knelt in front of him and started sucking and stroking. I slowly worked around them zooming in and out. Every now and then she would look at the camera and give it the "fuck me" look as she was shallow on his cock. After a few minutes he laid her down on the couch and started eating her pussy. As he ate, she started playing with her tits.

He then laid her down on the floor and started fucking her hard, making her big tits move around. I taped his cock banging in and out and her tit wobbling around. I even worked around behind them and got a good close up of his cock driving in and out.

He then turned her onto all fours and pounded into her from behind. Just as he was getting close to cumming he forced her flat onto the floor on her stomach. Guiding me into position her grabbed her head and tuned it as far to the left as he could, and while holding her hair back proceeded to jack off on her left cheek. As he came I zoomed in and got a great shot of his cum spraying onto her face!

As soon as they caught their breath and she cleaned up we dropped the video in and watched it. I was impressed with my skills, and their "acting". After we got done watching him cum again he said "your turn, I want a video of her just sucking a cock and catching cum on her face and tits. think your up to it?". I said I was and stood up. He took the camera and started videoing her doing a sexy little move as she knelt down and started started sucking my cock. She worked my cock with her hand and mouth. After a few minutes I grunted I was cumming and she pulled my cock out of her mouth and jacked my cock off right onto her cheek. She kept stroking until I had nothing left to give and my cum had mostly run down her face and dripped onto her tits. She then took my cock in her mouth and started to work it slowly and gently. All at once my friend yelled "cut" and took the camera down off his shoulder.

I have no idea what happened to the other porno flicks we had, but after that night we did not watch any of them again. We had our own to watch from then on!

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