Three is the best number  

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11/25/2005 12:25 pm

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Three is the best number

My friend's wife called me one day to tell me they were having problems with their computr and could I come over and take a look. When I got there I discovered they had moved their computer to their bedroom rather than the spare room. I ask if they had done anything special to move the computer. They said "no, we just moved it". When I started checking I found the safety on surge bar had been turned off. I stayed under the desk while he tried to turn it on. Once everything was working I came out from under.

When I came out my friend's wife was standing there with her shirt off showing her big beautiful tits. She said "we are so grateful, is there anything I can do in return". I said a blowjob would be cool and she immediately dropped to her knees and took my already hard cock into her mouth and started working it in and out. My friend came around behind her and started playing with her tits while my cock was working in and out of her mouth.

After a while my friend came around and pulled down his pant and grabbed his wife's hair, pulling her off my cock and forcing her to deep throat his cock in one swift motion. Once he had his cock all the way in he looked at me and said "quit being so nice to her, she'll go deep if you make her, if you don't she won't." The whole time he is telling me this he is holding her head as tight against her as he can. Still holding onto her hair he pulls her head off his cock and shoved it onto mine, pusing her head so far down that I couls feel her nose touch my pubics, and her lower lip touch my balls. She had sucked me off several times, going what I had thought was pretty deep, but this was inediable. I was expecting her to gag any second.

My friend ket go of her head and said "your turn. She does best if you use two hands." Following his instructions I grabbed her head, one hand on either side, and forced her to take my entire cock into her mouth and throat. Hanging onto her head I started working my cock in and out full depth. I was incediable! Looking at what else was going on I noticed my friend jacking on his cock while rubbing the head of his cock against her shoulder.

As I came closer to cumming she must have felt my cock stiffening more than it ha d been and took her hands and pushed my hips to get my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me and said "don't you dare cum in my mouth that easy. You guys have had your fun, now I get to have mine!"

She stood up, grabbing my cock and her husband's and started jacking them, telling us exactly what she wanted. "I don't care if you guys want to double end me or double fuck me, but there is going to be at least one cock in my pussy, now!"

My friend immediately pushed her toward the bed and told her "get on all fours, I'll take care of the fucking as we owe him a blowjob." I quickly laid down and she slid up the be between my leg and starts sucking me again. In the mean time my friend gets behind her and starts fucking her from behind. What an incrediable way to spend an evening! My cock being worked over by a beautify woman who is cumming while being fucked on all fours!

Suddenly, she says "I want you to fuck me now" and slides forward, her husband's cock falling out. She slides up and mounts me, starting to work her whole body up and down on my cock.

I start playing with her tits as she straightens up to start sucking her husband's cock as he stood on the bed next to us, guiding her head to his cock.

After several minutes of this she had cum twice, and I was started getting close to cumming again.
Suddenly, she takes her husband's cock out of her mouth and says "I want to see you two cum. Since you like my tits so much, you cum on them and he can cum on my face." Then she says "He seems to like that, and I love to watch his cock shoot out cum" as she points at her husband. I said I guess I couldn't blame him, and she said "It's from watching too many cumshots in pornos I guess."

She then lays on her back and has me stradle her just below her tits and has her husband kneel above her head. She says "OK boys, let see what you got." I started jacking myself off, but must have looked a little sheepish at first, and she took one hand and rubbed it between her tit and said "I want you to cum right here, but if you get some on my face, that would be OK, so don't aim that cock of your's down!" Taking her other hand and pointing at her face she looked at her husband and said "you cum here".

As I jacked off, kneeling over her with her husband at her head, she started chanting "do it, do it, do it." I started working just the head of my cock and felt that old familiar feeling of cum building. Having jacked off many times, I know how to do it right. When I came, the initila shot of cum shot right onto her face, landing on her right cheek, leaving a trail right back to my cock. I shot another trail of cum, not quite to her face, and then lost all control as I just dumped the rest of my load between her tits. As I was finishing up I realized she had been watching me. She looked up at me with my cum slowly running down her cheek toward her ear and said "awesome!" Watching me cum all over his wife's chest and one shot on her face)must have been too much for my friend as his jacking swiftened. With a grunt his first shot of cum streaked across his wife's face and landed on her neck. Shoving his hips forward he dropped the rest of his load on her face, slowly wrking his cock back and forth to spread the cum from one cheek to the other.

When he finished she immediately starts laughung and says "I always knew you two were full of it, but I never thought that full!"

A couple of days later she stopped by to drop some stuff off and apologized. I ask for wht, and she said "I made you jack off, you never did get the blow job you wanted." I said that was OK, and she said no, that she still owed me a blowjob, and she always pays her debts. With no more words, she dropped to her knees right in my living room and started blowing me. She started slow and deep and picked up the pace quickly. I said "you don't have to do this" and she took my cock out of her mouth and told me "my husband said when I dropped this stuff off I was suppose to give you the blowjob we owe you, and I always do what I'm told". As she was talking she was stroking and I almost came in her hand. She then said "I don't mind, really".

I ask her "How about I cum on your face" and she just smiled and said "my husband said you would want to do that, and I told him no, I could talk you into cumming in my mouth." Not knowing what to say I just watched her take my cock back in her mouth and start sucking again. Lost to the view of her fully clothed with my cock sticking in her mouth I coulndn't take any more. With her sucking the head and stroking the shaft I came in her mouth so hard I almost fell down. She got up, making a big show of swallowing while looking smug, and walked right over to the phone and dialed. After the other party answered she said "I won". After the other party spoke again she handed me the phone. Still standing there with my cock hanging out my friend asks me "did you really cum in her mouth rather than on her face?" The only thing I could say was, yes, I had, and he said "what a pussy, if a woman will let you cum on her you should. I guess I'll have to show you how it's done again." He laughed and then hung up. Turning to hang the phone up I see my friend's wife smiling, sayig "see you later" as she walks out the door!

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