One more for tonight  

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12/6/2005 10:17 pm

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One more for tonight

One night we were sitting around their house and my friend's wife ask what the big deal was about Internet porn. She knew i liked it and she knew her husband snuck off to look at it. I said it was "just cool to see". She ask if I would show her some of the sights I regulared.

Sitting down at their computer I started surfing and showed her a site that was dedicated to "oral sex" that I visited. As she and I were looking at the thumbnails my friend brought in an extra chair and sat next to us.

After looking thru the site I went to one that specialized in "hardcore" including group sex. She ask if we were getting turned on and I said yes, I usually do looking at porn. Her husband agreed.

She said she was glad it did something for us, because pictures did nothing for her. She preferred movies or the real thing.

As we surfed on she reached into my lap and felt my hard-on and said "I guess this does excite you. Why don't I take care of that while you two surf."

She got up, had her husband get in the chair next to me, then knelt down under the desk. Once arranged she got my cock out (with a little help) while my friend got his out.

She took my cock in her mouth and proceeded to try to suck me dry in 30 seconds. Surfing while getting a blow job is not as easy as it sounds! She switched from me to him and while working him over he pointed put a thumbnail picture and told me to bring that one to full screen. It was a picture of a woman in uniform with a face full of cum and a "who's next" look on her face. As the picture finished loading he shot his load into her mouth. After he was done she said "I don't know what he was looking at, but man did he cum quick and hard!"

When I told her she said "that figures" and started working on me again. The picture that got me was a woman with a mouth full of cum (and just a little on her lips) with the "offending" cock in her one hand headed back into her mouth. I shot my load hard and deep as I looked at the picture.

After blowing both of us under the desk, as we were fantasizing about being blown by other women, she said "I think I could get to like Internet porn too, provided you two are always around when it's on the screen!"

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