Married sex  

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2/18/2006 1:55 pm

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Married sex

Other than couples, the other great sex is sex with a sex starved wife.

I used to have a rule about fucking arried women, but that went by the wayside a while ago. I ended up in a foursome wiht some friends and a married friend of theirs, and after that I had no problem with it. When you hook up with the right married woman there are no complicataions, just great sex.

Here is an example. Recently I was at a meeting and a woman I have known for years came up to me and wanted to know if I had plans for after. I said I did not, so she suggested we meet for a drink after the meeting. I of course agreed. After several drinks she confided in me that her sex life had gone down the drain. Her husband wanted nothing to do with her, even though she came to bed naked almost every night. Once in a while she said he actually gets hard enough to fuck her, but he gets done well before her. She ask me what was wrong with her. Looking at her, I really couldn't see anything. She was a little heavy, but had great tits and a dynamite ass, and I would fuck her anytime anywhere. I told her as much and she said "prove it!"

I said "here?" and she said "yes". The only thing I could think of was the stair case going upstairs to the apartments that were over the bar we were in. I wrapped my arm around her waist and guided her outside and up the stairs to the first landing. There we started kissing and I put my hand up her blouse and started playing with her tits. I found out that her nipples were her magic spot. As I played with her tit with one hand I began caressing her ass with the other. Expecting her to say stop at any time I was not ready for what happened next. She began caressing my cock through my pants. She then whispered in my ear "At my age I haven't gotten on my knees in front of a man in a long time, I hope I remember how". With that she dropped to her knees as I eased my cock out. She started workng my cock over and I realized she was a "head worker" and not a deep throater. She gagged, and then apologized. I said no problem, you're doing fine as far as I'm concerned.

I grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her up, starting to kiss her again. I then turned her around and began kissing her neck as I played with her tits, then I took my other hand and worked it down her pants and started playing with her clit. Kissing her neck, squeezing her tits, while stroking her clit was too much for her. She came with a grunt and moan. She pushed back hard into me and said "fuck me". Using both hands I undid her pants and pulled them down to her knees. Bending her over I slowly worked my cock into her pussy. I slowly fucked her to an orgasm just as I came.

She pushed back hard into me as I played with her hips in the warm after glow of great sex. As she worked her way off my cock she asked "how much money do you have?" I said why? She said "I want to get laid in a room, not a stairwell, so lets go to a motel room". I said we could just go to my place and she immediately agreed.

As soon as we got to my place she said "my husband never fucked my twice in a night, are you up to this?" I said yes I was. She wanted to know what kind of "kinky stuff" I was into. I told her I was into any kind of sex and taking pictures. She ask if I had ever fuck a woman up the butt, and I said I had. Her answer as "my husband thinks anal sex is dirty, he's afraid of getting some poo (her word) on his willy. I have always wanted to be butt fucked, but have only been able to fantacized about it."

Taking the hint I immediately statred kissing and caressing again and she pushed me away. "We already did that, now I want you to fuck me like you mean it".

Taking my hint I pushed her down on the bed and all but tore her clothes off. I got on top of her and fucked her fast and furious. When I kneeled up i was fucker her so hard we could hear my pelvis slapping into her ass. She came in a big way.

I said she need to roll over and get on her knees, and she said "what for". I told her I was going to fuck her from behind. She immediately got onto all fours and I went about fucking her from behind. Looking down at her ass I ask if I could take a few pictures if I didn't get her face in any of them. She agreed so I grabbed my digital camera and got back to work on her. I ask if she had ever gotten herself off and she said yes. I told her to reach back with one hand and start working her clit. I slowly backed out of her pussy and started working up her ass gently. I was dripping wet from her pussy so we didn't need any lube. Feverishly snapping pictures I worked my cock in little at a time. I them began working in and out. My cock fell out a couple of times as I was trying to be so gentle with her ass. Finally, I just gave up and eased in full depth. I ask if I was hurting her, and she said "just a little, but it is feeling soooo gooood, don't you dare stop." As I started wiggling in her tight ass with my cock in full depth she moaned in pleasure and came. Her tight asshole gripped my cock and squeezed as she came.

As she started cumming I started working in and out, and she kept stroking her clit and we kept her cumming. Still snapping picture I shot a full load deep into her ass.

As we lay there, me spent and her still excited, she said "do you eat pussy?" I said yes, but not right now. She said her husband wouldn't, so years ago she had quit sucking his "willy" in retaliation. She said she used to be much better at oral sex, but she was way out of practice. In fact, she said she had not eated cum since their honeymoon. If I was interested she said she wanted to try 69, another thing she had never done.

I said I would love to, but at a later date, I was kind of done for the day. She showed up the next night and you know what, with a little practice she quit gagging while sucking and swallowed every drop!

redmustang91 57M  
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2/18/2006 4:09 pm

Great story. Those who fail to satisfy, lead to going elsewhere...

lapdancesfree 51F
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2/19/2006 8:01 pm

Nice fiction.

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