Couples rock  

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12/6/2005 9:52 pm

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Couples rock

There is no sex like sex with a couple. As I mentioned earlier it is the best for all kinds of reasons. You do not have to worry about getting attached out of the deal, and since they are as open minded as you, a person does not have to be embarrassed by anything! The other great thing about having sex with a couple is the "free for all" attitude. So long as everybody walks away happy, it was a good day!

Here is an example:

My friends and I had been doing the threesome thing for a while. My friend calls and says that he has a problem. He and his wife needed to come over right away. Not sure what was up I said sure.

When they arrived he immediately told me it was "her time of the month" and he was dying to get "some kind of piece of her". Sort of stunned I ask what that had to do with me. He answered he told her he was going to jack off he was getting so desperate and she had told him that would be fine with her.

Still not understanding he finally said she had told him "it would be a bigger thrill to watch the two of you jack off". That was when he'd called.

As we were talking she disappeared into the bathroom and came out with a towel and not shirt or bra on. She laid down, using the towel as a pillow. She had still not even said a word.

Once she was laying down we each dropped our pants and knelt on a side of her head. Without a word spoken we both started jacking off, right there in the living room. I tried to put my cock into her mouth, but she refused to open it, so all I could do was rub the head against her cheek and lips as I stroked myself.

After several minutes my buddy let out a grunt and shot his load across his side of her face. Watching him shoot his wad onto her face I couldn't take anymore and rubbing and squeezing the head of my cock and brought myself to the edge of cumming. Just as I started to shoot I looked down. Seeing her face already covered with his cum really raised the excitement for me and when I shot my cum I shot it clear from the right side of her chin to the left side of her forehead. By stroking the head of my cock and working my hips I shot several squirts right on top of the first, completely covering her face.

As soon as I was done she got up, still without a word, and walked into the bathroom with the towel. After a minute or two she came out all smiles and jokingly ask my friend "well, are you happy, did playing with yourself make you feel better?"

He answered "hell yeah" and she looked at me and ask me "how about you, do you feel better?" and I immediately answered that I hadn't been feeling bad, but it beat jacking off in the shower, which is what I had planned on doing that evening!

At any other time I would have been embarrassed to be seen jacking off, much less stood around and talking about it, but in my living room with a like minded couple, it seemed like no big deal.

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