Couples are the best  

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11/14/2005 8:21 pm

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Couples are the best

There is nothing like having sex with a couple. It is care free fun with no string attached, simpy the best.

My first experience with a couple was one evening when a couple of friends of mine came over to watch a movie. I had been making "smart remarks" to them for a while. At one point she had jokingly told my "fuck you" and I had answered "only if it is OK with your husband". She laughed back that he wouldn't mind if he could watch.

My friend dropped in a movie called "Lips", a porn classic. I didn't know they watched porn, much less with other people. The very begining of the movie is a woman blowing a guy and getting a face full of cum. My friend's wife remarked "what a waste, she should have swallowed".

I didn't know what to say. She looked right at me and said "I'm that good myself". My friend looked at me and said "she sure is!"

At this point she disappeared into the bathroom leaving the two of us alone. He ask for the remote and said he needed to fast forward "to the good stuff". He forwarded to a woman sucking two cocks and said "that's what she really likes" pointing at the bathroom. When the two studs in the move DP'd the woman, he said "she likes that too, but only two in the pussy, says a cock in her pussy and ass at the same time hurts her too much."

I was dumbfounded, and mumbled I like most anything. About this time she came out of the bathroom wearing a teddy the left her huge tits hanging out. I almost died. She sat down between me and my friend on the couch and said "now that you've seen mine, let me see yours." My friend looked at me and said "go for it." I immediately stood up and dropped my pants.

My friend looked back and forth from me to her and told her "there's a cock, why don't you suck it?" She said "why not" and immediately took my cock in her hand and slid it into her mouth. Oh my god! It was the best head I had ever had! My friend looked at me and said "good, isn't she". She took my cock out of her mouth and look at him and I and told me "this is going to be the best blowjob of your life!"

She sat me down on the couch and knelt between my legs and took my cock deep and slow right to the back of her throat. While she was alternating between sucking and stroking, my friend went around behind his wife and slammed his cock into her tight pussy (I learned at a later date how tight it actually was). I could not believe the feeling of her head and hand sliding up and down on my cock while her whole body was being jolted by her husband's furious thrusting!

I could not believe it! There she was, looking up at me while sucking my cock with her husband fucking her hard and deep from behind! What a view! I was really turned on watching him pound her at the same time she was sucking me!

With her husband pounding into her she took my cock out of her mouth and ask how come I hadn't played with her tits. She said that really excited her. I immediadely reached thru and began squeezing her tits and tweeking her nipples. As soon as I did that she eased back down onto my cock!

Suddenly, she began to get short of breath, on the verge of cumming. Both her hands went to the floor as she tried to hold herself up. The pace of her head action slowed, then stopped, with my cock in her mouth as her moans became more frequent.

My friend, realizing that she had the tip of my cock in her mouth but wasn't working it, reached forward with one hand and forced her head up and down on my cock while he kept fucking her, holding onto her hip with the other hand!

I couldn't take anymore! Just as she finished cumming I shot a huge load in her mouth. She immediately slowed, bringing a hand back up to stroke my cock and sucked hard to try to get every drop! After the most intense orgasm I had ever had I opened my eyes just in time to watch my friend grab his wife's hips and hammer into her one last time. He must have shot a gallon into her right then! She "wiggled" her ass to milk the last little bit of cum out of him, my cock still in her mouth.

After a minute, she held onto my cock, but took her mouth off and looked up at me. For the first time I noticed she had not been able to keep all my cum in her mouth. There was a trail of my cum down the front of her chin! She took her free hand, and using one finger, swept the trail up and stuck it back into her mouth and swallowed!

It had to be the hottest thing I have ever seen! A woman with a cock and cum in her pussy after a thorough fucking wiping my cum off her chin after blowing me!!!

After sucking the cum off her finger, she slowly stroked my cock with her other hand and ask "how about it, was that not the best blow job you ever had?"

Looking at her stroking my now used up cock, with my friend still deeply planted in her pussy, I had no choice but to agree!!!

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