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11/14/2005 9:36 pm

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Best sex

Here is another example of 3 some sex with a couple is the best sex. My friends were on vacation "up-north" and had ask if I could "come visit them in their motel for the afternoon." Figuring what was going to happen I of course answered YES!

When I arrived they had already started. I knocked on the door and my friend yelled it's unlocked, come on in. When I came in, he was kneeling up fucking her on her back while playing with her tits. Her head was hanging off the foot of the bed nearest the door and she had this "fuck me" look on her face. I immediately got undressed and with no warm up walked over and stuck my cock in her mouth and started "face fucking" her while I helped work on her tits.

I wasn't in her mouth for 30 seconds when she came hard. I looked at my friend, who looked like he was on the verge of cumming, and told him "don't you dare, I haven't fucked her yet!" He smiled and pulled out and said "she's all yours." I immediately switched ends and slid into her juicy pussy while my friend sat down on the chair and watched, slowly jacking his cock.

I fucked her slow and easy at first, steadily increasing the tempo until I was pounding hard into her with the back of her knees hooked on the inside of my elbows. I was doing her as hard and deep as a guy can doing it missionary style.

As soon as she came for me I slowed and told my friend it was his turn again, I was getting close to cumming. She looked up at me and said "don't you go over and jack off in the chair like he did, cum in my mouth while he fucks me." Being one to not let a lady down I switched ends again as my friend started fucking her. I came hard and deep in her mouth as she was being fucked to another orgasm by her husband. I sat down for a few minutes and she told him "your turn, cum in my mouth" and he pulled out of her pussy and shoved his cock into her mouth with not a second to spare. He came almost instantly her mouth with a grunt.

As she was sucking the last of the cum out of his cock she turned her head to me and with her free hand waved me over. Stoking myself to help the cause I stepped up and stuck my cock back into her mouth as soon as her husband was out. She quickly sucked my cock hard again as her husband collapsed in the chair.

After a short minute she ask that I lay on my back. I of course did as ask. She then kneeled between my legs and continued blowing me as her husband recovered. After a few minutes my friend came and stood next to the bed and had her take turns sucking him then me!

She looked at me and said "don't move" and climed on top of me, slowly working my cock into her pussy at the same time as she sucked her husband's cock.

What a view! Her sliding slowly up and down on my cock and me watching her work over his cock while I play with her big tits!

She suddenly took her husbands cock out of her mouth, jerking it hard enough to almost pull it off, and told him "you're hard enough now, get that cock in me!" Not really understanding I said she needed to let me up first and she flopped down on top of me and said "I told you to not move." As we lay there, her big tits against my chest, her husband went around behind her and guided my legs together. With a slow and steady motion he shoved his now hard cock into her pussy right next to mine! If you have never felt that feeling, there is no explaning it!

He began slowly fucking in and out of her with my cock still deep in her. She began moaning and came within a minute, so hard I thought she was going to pass out. She eased up off me a little bit after she came and I ask her if she liked that and her answer was "you have no idea!"

My friend at this point says "it's time" and pulls out. She immeditely gets off of me and turns to start sucking him. He says "no, I want to cum in your pussy" and forces her onto all fours next to me. As he starts fucking her from behind she looks at me and says "start jacking yourself, your next." Just as her husband cums deep in her pussy she looks right at me and licks her lips.

With his cock still in her pussy she starts trying to "wiggle" to where she can suck me and a thought suddenly came to me, I had never double fucked a woman before and had liked it, so why not try "sloppy seconds." Just the thought of it almost made me cum as I was still jacking myself!

I pushed her head out of the way and told my friend to get out of the way, I was going to fuck her from behind, just like he did! As he pulled out her, her juices and his cum came dripping out and for some reason the turned me on!

I got behind her and saw her gaping, sloppy pussy and got even more excited. I slid into her fast and hard and told her I was going to dump my cum on top of her husbands and began fucking her for all she was worth. As I was beginging to fuck her she said "I've never been cum in twice like this" and immediately came again.

Between her sloppy pussy and her cumming so quickly I could not take any more. With her on the verge of collapse I came hard and deep in her messy pussy, adding my cum to her husbands!

After I was able to think again, I ask her if that had been worth the effort. She looked from me to her husband and said "what makes you two think your done, it's only 2 pm."

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