Backseat action  

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12/21/2005 6:49 pm

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Backseat action

Continuing on with the threesome (and moresome) stories from my younger days, here is another.

My friend and I had to make a trip "up-north" one Friday night. When we left it had just gotten dark. I sat in the backseat while my friend drove with his wife next to him. One we got "into the country" my friend started trying to convince his wife to blow him going down the road. She said that wouldn't be safe so he could just dream on.

After a little more harassing on his part she looked at me and said "maybe you would drive?" We pulled over and I took over the driving while the two of them took the back seat. I turned on the map light and angled the mirror down so I could see what was going on. By the time I got arranged she already had his cock out and was sucking on it.

As soon as he was hard as a rock she took his cock out of her mouth and said "since we have the back seat let's fuck." She slipped her pants off and climbed on top of him and worked his cock into her pussy. Once he was in she began riding up and down, working her hips.

I had a hard time keeping the car in our lane! She looked over her shoulder and saw me watching them and told me "you keep your eyes on the road. If you get us killed you won't get your turn!"

At this point she leaned back against the front seat and made her husband thrust into her. She reached over with her right hand and started stoking my chest as he fucked her. When he was about to cum she slid off him and started sucking his cock again. All at once he grunted and she gagged as he came in her mouth.

She got her head off his cock and immediately whispered in my ear (with cum breath) "it's your turn, pull over."

I put on the emergency flashers and pulled onto the shoulder. By then my friend had put his cock back away and got out to take over the driving. I climbed into the back seat to find a very naked woman there. While we were doing the driver change she had finished undressed. Laying with her back against the left door she said "my turn, get to work" and guided my head to her pussy. I felt the car start moving, but where I was at I couldn't see anything. I concentrated on working over her clit with my tongue, licking up and down and around in circles. Her pussy tasted great that night! Reaching up I started "tweeking" her nipples and squeezing her tits. Suddenly she grabbed my head and came with a shout, thrashing about. After she was done with the throws of cumming she pushed me up and told me to get naked. Stripping in the back seat I felt kind of funny. Mumbling something about it I got undressed. She laughed and said I shouldn't feel so bad, the truckers we had passed while I was eating her pussy must have gotten a treat on her account!

Once I was naked she shifted around and started sucking my cock, stoking up and down as she sucked. That's when I noticed my friend was driving very fast, passing everyone. I told him when I was driving I stayed away from traffic. He said "to hell with that, we need to make time!"

Right about then she quit sucking and laid back down saying "fuck me". Positioning myself carefully I slid my cock into her and started screwing in and out as best as I could. Just as I am starting to get wound up she starts "flapping" and laughing. Not knowing what is going on the next thing I know I hear a horn blowing. Looking over my shoulder I am looking right at two guys looking out the window of a pick up truck. Because of the height difference they can see the whole width of the back seat and with the map light on they can see everything. Looking back at her I see her still laughing. "Move so I can give them a treat".

Switching places she displays her tits to our new friends and starts stroking them. Taking my left hand she guides it to her tits and has me start working them over while she starts sucking on her finger suggestively. That got a thumbs up from them. Slowly turning herself around she bent over slightly and spanked her bare ass! This got another honk on the horn! Having me lay back against the left door she climbed on top and slid my cock back into her pussy again and started riding me. Looking over her shoulder as she rode me she started sucking on her finger again. Honk, Honk!

With her fucking me and teasing them I couldn't take anymore and said "I am going to cum!" She immediately slid off me and worked her way down, took my cock into her mouth, and working it fast in an exaggerated motion for our friends' pleasure. Seeing them watching her making a big show of blowing me, I couldn't take anymore and came in her mouth. I didn't need to make a big show out of cumming, it just happened that way! At this point our new friends in the pick up were on their horn nonstop! When I was done cumming she rolled over, snuggled back against me, took my hands, putting one on each breast, and started waving to them.

Right then my friend turned off the map light and stepped on it, leaving them behind.

Looking over his shoulder he laughingly said "what a couple of perverts". I said "I know, but we can't help it" as I played with his wife's tits, her warm body pressed up against me.

He said "not you two, them" pointing with his thumb over his shoulder "spying on people having sex like that. I slowed to all the way to 45 miles an hour to try to lose them!!!"

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